WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram Down; Here’s Why


As it happened a few minutes ago, Facebook’s products including Facebook itself stopped working leaving millions of users in panic. As of now, servers of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are not responding. Also read: How to delete GooglePay transaction history? How to sell on Etsy? A complete guide to make $500 a month There is … Read more

Plead Not Guilty to a Parking Ticket in New Jersey

Plead Not Guilty to a Parking Ticket in New Jersey Many people think twice before they decide to fight against the wrong issue of a parking ticket in New Jersey. They consider themselves not guilty and want to fight against the offense they are being alleged of. If you think you are one of them, … Read more

NJ Surcharge – Pay NJ Surcharge Online At Www.njsurcharge.com


NJ Surcharge: A surcharge is a kind of penalty or fine that is being charged by the New Jersey Violation System (NJSVS) on an annual basis. The fine is naturally charged on the drivers who have their driving record with a huge number of points of a traffic violation. In addition to this, the drivers … Read more

How To Delete Google Pay Transaction History Easily


Google Pay Transaction History Google Pay is one of the most used applications to make transactions. The transactions can be done between two people or between a buyer and seller even if your contact is not on Google Pay with absolutely zero fees. The customers get to win loyalty points with every transaction these points … Read more

John McAfee Found Dead After Spain Court Agrees Extradition To US


Famous Anti Virus McAfee founder is found dead in Spain today minutes later Spain Court has agreed to extradict him to US jurisdiction in tax evasion case. John McAfee founded McAfee associates in 1987 and designed one of the mostly used anti virus tool in the world, McAfee Anti Virus. So far, everything points out … Read more

6 Types of Indo-Western outfits you must try


For western or Indian attires, people often get ideas very easily. However, the moment someone hears the word “Indo-western” all the creativity gets doomed. Starting from the accessories and jewellery to the outfit, everything turns into a complete mess. It can be quite tricky even for the pro. At times the entire process can burn … Read more

11 Vibrant Tie and Dye Techniques


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Sewing Machine Needles Types Used In Garment Creation

There are some basic things that you need before starting your sewing project, and the needle is an essential part of all the basic things. When we talk about typical sewing machine needles, we find that there’s a lot of confusion about which needle to use for which job. The types of needles vary according … Read more