Yarn-Beginners Guide to 6 Different Types of Yarn

Every fashion designer works with textiles made of yarn. A designer needs to choose among various kinds of these yarn. Not every thread can suit every design. Hence, having an in-depth knowledge is a must for every aspiring fashion designer. Here is a list of 6 different types of yarns that are commonly used in online fashion and textile design.   

Hand-dyed Yarn


Several varieties of hand-dyed yarn can be easily found in the market. This type of wool is truly one of the best knitting materials. The benefit of using hand-dyed yarns lies in the finish and beauty of the final product.

Self-Striping Yarn

selfstriping yarn

The self-striping yarn has become a great fashion trend over time. These wool showcase the combination of many different colors that are woven together for creating a stylish look. As these colors keep changing throughout the knitted designs, every piece created by you comes out to be authentic and unique. This type of wool is usually used in making socks, scarves, and blankets.

Sock Yarn

sock yarn

As the name suggests, this yarn is generally used in designing socks. The most widely used sock wool are fingering weight, worsted weight, and weight. The weight of all the sock thread is different and you can choose according to your requirement. 

Plant Yarn

plant yarn

Plant yarns are environment-friendly and are highly preferred in the knitting industry of today. The commonly used plant-based wool are silk, bamboo, and cotton. Each one is different from the other in terms of softness and feel. You can choose the one that best suits your design requirement. 

Animal Yarn

animal yarn

Animal-based yarns are usually derived from sheep, goats, and alpacas. Just like the plant-based threads, the animal-based wool also vary in feel and softness and you need to choose according to your requirement.  

Synthetic Fibers

synthetic fibers

Synthetic fibers are great to begin your design with if you are new to knitting. These wool are not very expensive and are quite ideal for several knitting designs. 

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If you are a beginner in textile designing, the best fashion and textile designing courses available online can help you to acquire the necessary knowledge about this art. These courses can guide you to understand the actual purpose of each type of yarn and help you to know how to choose the best one for your design. Moreover, as these courses are short, you can begin with your designs in no time.

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