WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram Down; Here’s Why

As it happened a few minutes ago, Facebook’s products including Facebook itself stopped working leaving millions of users in panic. As of now, servers of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are not responding.

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There is no official statement from Facebook anywhere yet. The last time this happened, WhatsApp was down on January 1st 2018 shortly after the new year celebrations began.

Facebook has been working on bringing many changes to its products lately aiming to gain traffic from eCommerce. Its CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced they are planning to focus more on the local stores to encourage keep their products listed on WhatsApp business with WhatsApp pay integrated for instant payments.

Instagram on the other hand is working on bringing ads to the reels that last for 60 seconds. This is another monetization step for Instagram influencers.

Facebook has integrated Instagram and WhatsApp, and now working on bringing yellow pages kind of business model where the users can search for local shops in the Facebook marketplace and message the stores directly to WhatsApp from Facebook and pay for the products via WhatsApp pay.

With these many changes, as of now, we can only assume that there might probably be a server issue going on and hopefully that will be fixed soon.

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