What Will Fashion Designing Industry Be Like In Future

Fashion designing industry often falls under the best paying categories in the view of creative minds. It is widely conceived as a glamorous field with huge competition and vast challenges. Notwithstanding the challenges and the cut-throat competition, there is a scope for Fashion Design in both India as well as abroad.

Keeping the current trends in mind, we guessed how the tend of this industry is going to change in the next 5 years. Read below to know anticipated changes that we assume would take place over the next half-decade.




Augmented Reality (AR) is already a thing in the market now. A few stores in San Francisco You must be thinking how AR is going to help fashion? Well, using Augmented Reality devices in a fitting room, you can try hundreds of dresses within minutes.  The day is not far when AR devices will move to home and you can try the dresses online with those devices.



Automation is already enabled in many fields. Automation in the vogue industry could replace many roles and as a result, technology becomes more responsive in aspects like curation, customer service, and engineering.

On-demand production in fashion

Customers nowadays are preferring customized items, which means it is a burden for the brand as it can’t sell the same item to many customers. 

The fix for this issue is to take the orders from the customers and deliver exactly what the customers. Some reports say Amazon is on its way to secure this idea of on-demand production by patenting it. So, the day is not too far to witness on-demand production in the fashion industry.

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These changes  are going to impact on fashion design training as well. If you are looking to build a career in the  designing industry, enroll in a best design college where you can pursue a diploma in fashion designing and pave a path for a successful career.

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