8 Best Types of Sleeves Every Woman Must Try With Designer Kurtis

Types of Sleeves: Kurti which can be generally defined as a long top that is generally of knee length has stretched beyond the Indian borders in the contemporary fashion world. The outfit has evolved down drastically in the ages to suit the ever-changing demands of dynamic fashion. With immense advancement and creativity in techniques in Indian as well as the western fashion industry, the kurti has also seen different faces.

Starting from the neckline, collar line, fabric material or stud material to the borders and different types of sleeves, you will find bewildering varieties in the modern day designer Kurtis. Specifically, the sleeves act as the captive instrument for Kurtis.

Take a look at the different types if Sleeves used in designer Kurtis these days:

  1. Full Sleeves:

Best to go with traditional skirts of palazzos, these sleeves are a perfect fit for summers as well as winters. These can look like a classical charm on the wearer in spite of being one of the most basic sleeves. So, get one for your wardrobe now!

  1. Quarter Sleeves:

Otherwise known as the 3/4th sleeves, quarter sleeves are the best to wear with any type of ethnic fashion. Best to hide sleek or skinny arms, these types of sleeves come in regular fitted forms and can be worn with your favourite denim or even the palazzos to give you a formal or bossy appeal.

  1. Cap Sleeves:

These come somewhere between the sleeveless and short sleeves. Though cap sleeves can go well with any type of ethnic wear with flared Kurtis and especially the Anarkali Kurtis, the cap sleeves will simply look breathtaking. Great for summers and can adorn the pear-shaped women well.

  1. Bishop Sleeves:


Women with lean shoulders can opt for these types of Kurtis as the sleeves are reputed for covering the sleek flaws of the shoulders. The Club Bishop Sleeved Kurtis can look stunning with jeans or leggings, and the sleeves usually fit well with the frock style Kurtis.

  1. Bell Sleeves:

Perfect for any occasion and body type, the bell sleeves are famous for providing comfort and style at the very same time. You can find a multitude of ethnic wear being experimented with these sleeves as the sleeves perfectly fit with any body type.

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  1. Dolman Sleeves:

These sleeves depict lengthy designs till the wrist that are loose from the shoulders and then tapered down at the wrist area. Thus the sleeves look wide till the elbow and wrist in a more tightened form. This is one of the best types of sleeves available in the market.

  1. Puff sleeves:

Almost every type of ethnic wear and even the jeans will look stunning with the Dolman sleeves but with the dhoti style, they look splendid. If you want to look cute and elegant at the very same time, then these are the ideal sleeves for you.

  1. Roll Up sleeves:

You can call it the ethnic tomboy outfit. These sleeves suit well with the straight kurtis or even the flared ones. The best part is that you can wear your favourite jeans with these. So what are you waiting for?

Along with these, there are also other kinds of sleeves that are paired up with the designer Kurtis like the Raglan Sleeves, Extra short sleeves, Kimono sleeves, slit sleeves, Off-shoulder and cold shoulder sleeves, butterfly sleeves, angel sleeves etc. that you can even make up on your own with Fashion illustration online. Learn fashion illustration online and know what sleeve will suit your body type or outfit or some other body type and outfit.

Let us know in the comments below what types of sleeves you love the most and also let us know what types of sleeves you have tried.

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