At the beginning of Batman Forever production, while Val Kilmer was trying to make his costume look like a tambourine in those crazy planes that will forever pursue us, WarnerHe contracted the artist H.R. Giger for the design of DC film production. Giger was known (deceased in 2014) among other works for making Alien’s drawings: The Eighth Passenger, Alien III and Prometheus. Your Batmobile design let Warner’s executives go astray They were used to something else, so they eventually rejected it. However, these are the drawings that Giger has prepared.

Batman Forever production writer Barbara Ling said that H. Giger’s Batmovil designs were awesome and extremely crazy, and that They were very reminiscent of the drawings that the artist had made for Alien filmsUnfortunately, it did not work and everything was suspended for the benefit of other designs.

Would you have liked to see a Batmovil with such an xenomorphic roll style? Imagine a chase in the streets of Gotham aboard Batmobile, more than one bad guy from DC would want him for him.