The Naagin Factor In Virat Kohli’s 71st Century

ESPN has made an interesting observation today since today marks two years since the last time we have witnessed a century from Virat Kohli. The century came while playing against Bangladesh in Eden Gardens. That was his 70th century and Virat Kohli has played 56 games so far till today and the 71st century is yet to come.

With that being said, a century and the lost storm form is long due from the former T20I Captain of India.

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The Naagin Factor

Virat Kohli’s longest drought of centuries has always happened after a century against Bangladesh. So, let’s not hope the next century from Virat Kohli comes against Bangladesh, again.


Virat Kohli is going to captain the upcoming test series against New Zealand from the second test and Ajinkya Rahane will captain the first test match which will be played between November 25th and 29th.

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