Fashion Design Style: Understanding Dress Codes in 2021


Though the concept of dress codes is more prominent in the Western culture, Indian fashion also has the tradition of dressing up for occasions like weddings and festivals. But understanding dress codes is going one step ahead! 

Today, we witness the influence of Western culture a lot in our daily affairs. Our careers have changed, our outlook has broadened and thanks to technology, our interactions also have flourished beyond geographic boundaries! Fashion styling is the most reflective cultural transition that we have attained through the decades. 

Fashion styling courses are a great opportunity to learn about dress codes and how to look appropriate and presentable at particular occasions. It’s interesting to learn and carries etiquette in its application. Before you go into this topic in your fashion design training, let’s introduce you briefly to the subject of dress codes.

Here are some very popular dress codes you ought to know about.

Casual Wear

casual wear

Now, we’re not exactly discussing the dress for a stroll in the backyard. By casuals, here we mean the kind of easy-going yet elegant wear suggested while meeting people on social occasions informally. 

Casual wear for men can be a combination of button down shirts and dress pants. Polo shirt can also be a cool choice for casual upper wear. Collared shirts are best to make casual wear look smart. Black or brown shoes will go according to their suitability for the garment.

For women, casual wear could at best be a combination of a blouse or a fashionable top paired with slacks or dressy skirts. Sweaters or jackets can look stylish and will be appropriate in cold seasons. 

Business Casuals

business casuals


For men, business casuals look elegant with a collared, long-sleeved formal shirt. A pair of nice pants can go with the well-pressed shirt. For shoes, choose Oxford or loafers. 

For women, a clean, ironed blouse, paired with knee-length skirt or dress, or slacks will do well. Also mind to wear low heels in footwear.

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Cocktail is a party where cocktail drinks are served. It’s an occasion to meet, socialize for personal and business purposes. 

Men should wear dark colored suit jackets along with a tie. Wear pants that match the jacket. Wear laced shoes with socks that match the jacket color. 

Cocktail dresses for women could be long enough to stand just above the knee or a couple of inches above the ankle. Any evening dress that is not too long to suggest thoroughly formal will do. Wearing pumps that match the dress is a good idea. Dressy sandals or flats can go with the occasion.

You can now start exploring more dress codes on your own. Enroll today and explore the craft of fashion styling. Now, you are better informed about attending different occasions with confidence, grace and impression.

Why Weekends are Great to Learn Fashion


Fashion as a Passion

Making fashionable garments is a great effort. This is quite interesting too provided one has the proper resources, guidance and time for learning and practicing the skills. For many, the passion for the craft involved in fashion designing is strong enough to push them forward. They could carry on with their explorations and expeditions even through grueling daily life activities that include their jobs.

For others, finding motivation along with other factors to master the art of fashion designing takes persuasion from a promising prospect. It is here that a fashion design weekend course has importance. It is the best way to manage one’s daily life while being wholly convenient with a plan to excel in a creative art. 


Why Weekends are Great to Learn Fashion

Considering fashion as a subject, it is a great strategy to train in designing on weekends. A weekend course for fashion designing ensures that you have your daily commitments met while you dedicate the end of the week to learning. Professional education reaches a great number of people through weekend courses and fashion is no exception. 

There’s a more interesting spin to attending classes on the weekends. That’s because the end of the week is when the street vendors liven up bringing more varieties of garments with new designs. Finding inspiration with them right after a classroom session gives a boost to the learning process. It’s enough fun to consider strolling through thrift stores, cheap jacks and boutiques on a Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon. Besides fun, it is a way to explore how the commoner’s  sense on the trend is evolving.


Moreover, when it comes to trend, your presence at social occasions is more on a weekend and your observation can be very timely. It can contribute to the general mindset of creativity too. You will have a better alertness to fashionable dresses and as to what people are wearing to the social gatherings.

Considering the genuine break from the normal office routine, weekend classes inspire a comparatively relaxed view and assessment of your work. You will find more time to do your assignments and can imbibe your lessons and build skills with more focus. 

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The involvement and interest other family members can give in your work is also on the up side when it comes to weekends. The appreciation of family members present in the house can be a great impetus for you to learn the craft. A helping hand and sharing the knowledge with your dear ones can also be a soulful experience. 

It is also never to be understated that the virtue of your example of investing in time when many choose to spend it away, can be pretty inspiring to your friends and dear ones! Your pursuit of creative skills can gather courage and motivation to others who could be thinking of doing something wonderful with their talents. It would be great if a weekend course becomes a path-setter in your foray into professional fashion designing.

Fashion – More Than Fitting In according to Gen Z


Mythology says humans dressed up for the shame of nudity. History says humans survived the weather and elements of nature with clothes. Fashion was not around then though. But the history of clothing has a timeline of tremendous evolution. It’s one that showcases the origin of something as captivating and definitive as fashion by virtue of human ingenuity and creativity.

Once clothing was invented, it was sooner that people began to look at it with a perspective that goes beyond mere covering up. With different materials used and the kinds of drapes invented, the social classification of people began to become apparent. The dress indeed began to make the man and moreover, clothes began to display one’s own attitude, character and tastes.

Fashion is More Than Fitting In

Fashion began as a reflection of cultural values and notions of the society. Making clothes look better and appearing more beautiful in a socially accepted manner brought in fashion accessories like ornamentation too. Religion, gender, age, and pretty much every distinctive factor attributable to a person began to influence what one wore. This varied in different parts of the world and when explorations and cultural interactions grew, it gave rise to innumerable new trends in clothing and fashion.


Fashion, as you can learn at fashion designing colleges, also began to shift from adherence to personalisation. It became an exercise in creative liberty and novelty that began to inspire making personal statements with garments. Fashion transformed clothing to an art. In time, it gave rise to the formulation of organised study in how to be fashionable rather than just wear something to cover up or conform to a customary obligation.

Thus, the origin of fashion designing as an academic discipline also followed. Fashion designing institutes made fashion a professional field where careers can be made. Fashion designers came forth and developed the craft with their captivating and unique fashion ideas and designs.

There are few distinctive factors that give fashion its true purpose and identity. If you learned fashion at an institute of fashion designing, you will know that knowing the reason for fashion is the basis of making the future of fashion.

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Fashion as a Mode of Self-Expression

Fashion can answer the question you may often ask: “Who am I?”. It only takes a guided effort to give yourself the look that you are sure defines how you truly imagine yourself to be. Being fashionable is being the best version of yourself. Every man looks to fashion, fashion designers and fashion stylists to get help to beam their personality captivatingly. 


Fashion as a Cultural Consequence

Sometimes, just removing headscarves could be shouting out loud in protest. Fashion has had its significant role in social movements, and is still a powerful yet non-violent tool to voice concerns and views. The hippie movement brought its own iconic fashion statement that is still relevant when it comes to expressing views of anti-war and pro-peace sensibilities. From t-shirts with symbols and slogans to bodies painted with messages, the statements made in style highly influence people’s fashion sense for a long time.

Fashion as a Medium for Creative Expression

Garment is the perfect canvas to portray one’s creative talents, be it by one’s own hands or through a particular collection. Learning techniques like dyeing and printing even with a fashion design weekend course, can help create one’s own designs and patterns on the garments. Moreover, the way one embellishes or styles garments can bring a lot of character and confidence to one’s appearance.

Catching Attention and Being Change through Fashion


There is rarely a man or woman who wouldn’t like to be noticed. While being fashionable and trendy can do the job well enough, it’s donning a new style that brings all the difference. Fashion is so large a repository of possibilities that looking unique is the best of fashion’s basic premises and its core advantage.

All this helps to conclude that fashion means more than dressing up for the sake of it to earn wide-eyed looks. It’s all about the individual and the way fashion can makeover the image of one.