3 Amazing Career Options for Fashion Stylists 


Fashion styling is a highly recognized profession in the Fashion industry. With fashion trends changing swiftly, almost every person needs a bit of assistance with styling. Having said that, Fashion Styling is a profession with immense scope & many career options. Apart from basic styling, a trained fashion stylist has many roles to perform. Here are some of the career options in fashion styling:

Image consultant 

image consultant

The role of an image consultant is to guide the client on what outfit to wear & how, and when to do a particular attire based on jewelry. An image consultant also involves choosing the accessories to carry based on the appearance. 

Apart from the appearance and attire, they guide on communication and behavior for the events. Students pursuing fashion styling classes are trained on image consulting as well which helps the students later.

Wardrobe stylist

wardrobe stylist

A wardrobe stylist gets to be part of films, television, theater productions and concerts. As a wardrobe stylist, you get to work with various artists, dancers, musicians and others. The job of a wardrobe stylist is to work on everything from garment selection and makeup to jewelry and create a particular look on your client.

Fashion & Personal stylist

personal stylist

A fashion & personal stylist offers personalized assistance to his/her client on renovating their wardrobe and their accessories to give them a perfect makeover. The guidance is provided to the clients on the ideal makeup that suits the complexion and attire; what clothes to wear and the accessories to carry. On that note, the role of a personal stylist also sometimes involves giving beauty tips as well.

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Top fashion styling colleges train the students in the career options mentioned above! Apart from the roles mentioned above, fashion styling has immense scope to become a merchandising stylist, celebrity stylist or editorial stylist. If you are willing to study fashion styling.

Why Weekends are Great to Learn Fashion


Fashion as a Passion

Making fashionable garments is a great effort. This is quite interesting too provided one has the proper resources, guidance and time for learning and practicing the skills. For many, the passion for the craft involved in fashion designing is strong enough to push them forward. They could carry on with their explorations and expeditions even through grueling daily life activities that include their jobs.

For others, finding motivation along with other factors to master the art of fashion designing takes persuasion from a promising prospect. It is here that a fashion design weekend course has importance. It is the best way to manage one’s daily life while being wholly convenient with a plan to excel in a creative art. 


Why Weekends are Great to Learn Fashion

Considering fashion as a subject, it is a great strategy to train in designing on weekends. A weekend course for fashion designing ensures that you have your daily commitments met while you dedicate the end of the week to learning. Professional education reaches a great number of people through weekend courses and fashion is no exception. 

There’s a more interesting spin to attending classes on the weekends. That’s because the end of the week is when the street vendors liven up bringing more varieties of garments with new designs. Finding inspiration with them right after a classroom session gives a boost to the learning process. It’s enough fun to consider strolling through thrift stores, cheap jacks and boutiques on a Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon. Besides fun, it is a way to explore how the commoner’s  sense on the trend is evolving.


Moreover, when it comes to trend, your presence at social occasions is more on a weekend and your observation can be very timely. It can contribute to the general mindset of creativity too. You will have a better alertness to fashionable dresses and as to what people are wearing to the social gatherings.

Considering the genuine break from the normal office routine, weekend classes inspire a comparatively relaxed view and assessment of your work. You will find more time to do your assignments and can imbibe your lessons and build skills with more focus. 

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The involvement and interest other family members can give in your work is also on the up side when it comes to weekends. The appreciation of family members present in the house can be a great impetus for you to learn the craft. A helping hand and sharing the knowledge with your dear ones can also be a soulful experience. 

It is also never to be understated that the virtue of your example of investing in time when many choose to spend it away, can be pretty inspiring to your friends and dear ones! Your pursuit of creative skills can gather courage and motivation to others who could be thinking of doing something wonderful with their talents. It would be great if a weekend course becomes a path-setter in your foray into professional fashion designing.

5 Fashion Styles You Should Bid Goodbye in 2021


Fashion styles experience a dramatic change each year. Something that came in last year is considered boring today, while trends that were once an ancestor fashion becomes a new favourite. This only means that the fashion statements which were cut down years ago shall come back into fashion with a new appeal.

5 Fashion Styles You Should Bid Goodbye in 2021

In this article, we will talk about some of the outfits which you need to let go in 2019.

1 – Crop Top


It is understandable that saying goodbye to this outfit is difficult and might leave most of you shattered. But, this is what most experts from stylist training courses are saying – crop out your crop tops in 2019! According to these styling experts, crop tops have been in trend for a good number of years now & has become boring.

  1. Off-shoulder Tops


During the ’80s, when Jennifer Beals rocked this outfit, it became a sensational fashion statement of the era?  For years now, these tops have been revised and paired up with almost every bottom wear. Over time they have been proven to be impractical and uncomfortable wear that needs constant adjustments.

  1. Yoga Pants

Besides their regular use for exercising, yoga pants have been chosen popularly as casual daywear too. In 2019, the fashion stylists in India are suggesting to avoid this outfit. No matter how comfy they may seem, they still give an impression of the wearer being untidy or undressed.

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  1. Laced garments


Lace has often been termed as a ‘feminine-favourite’ dress material. From skirts to tunics, there are different styles in which Indian fashion designers use lace in their creations. However, in 2019’s expert styling tips, you will not witness the use of laces. Experts say that although this fabric is not gone out of fashion, it is time to experiment a little more with the fancy dress items.

Fashion forecasting is an important factor for fashion style people to guess fashion trends based on previous and current fashion moods of the people. Keep sticking to this blog to learn more about fashion styles and related content.

What Qualities Make A Fashion Stylist In 2021


Fashion stylists or fashion designers are responsible for creating clothing and accessories. A professional fashion stylist is not only creative, but also aware of the traits and characteristics that every fashion stylist must have. Certain fashion training courses have made fashion styling an integral part of the curriculum now.


Aspiring fashion stylists can enroll in any of the fashion designing institutes providing fashion styling as one of the courses. A well trained fashion stylist has a great scope in terms of career. If you are looking for making a career in fashion styling, it is suggestible to go for fashion stylist training programs to be able to find a way for an established career.

This blog is about the qualities of a fashion stylist. Read on the blog to know about what qualities make a professional fashion stylist.

Here are the top qualities that make a perfect fashion stylist.

Education – A fashion stylist holding a bachelor’s degree in fashion design is usually preferred by many in the industry. A bachelor’s degree can be obtained either online or on campus.

From the observation of Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 300 schools in India that are offering programs accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. Experience –

Experience – As far as education is concerned, apart from this, an experience in business management or in any related field can be a help in shaping the careers as a fashion stylist. This experience helps in breaking into the industry and gain some quick recognition from the employers. This is why it is suggestible to go for internship programs or take part in professional trade shows can work out in showcasing their talents to the employers.

Communication skills – Like in many other fields, communication skills are most essential for a fashion stylist. During work, a fashion stylist must be able to work with other designers on their projects which is where the need for communication with the manufacturers and vendors is very high.


If a chance to work for a large firm is given, in which case, fashion stylists may have to produce presentations of their work.

Apart from these qualities, acquiring skills in marketing, business networking and advertising can lead a path to the success for fashion stylists. If time a major concern to learn fashion styling, you can opt for fashion styling short courses or fashion stylist courses online. Either way, you can focus and learn more about the art of fashion styling under the guidance of ace trainers from the industry.