How to become a Fashion Illustrator in 2021

Fashion Illustrators

Fashion illustrators are the one that use graphics, drawings and digital skills to create images for apparel companies, newspapers and designers. The work of an illustrator mostly deals with the editors and creative directors of magazines. Their work is incorporated into various media like print, online and television advertisements.

How to become a fashion illustrator?

If you want to become a successful fashion illustrator, the you must be a good communicator with the ability to visualize and conceptualize the designs with illustration to produce a cutting-edge design. In this blog, we are going to explore the basics in fashion illustration that are required to become a fashion illustrator. 

Get a Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree

If you are an aspiring fashion illustrator, then considering earning a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree in variety of design fields is a good option. Plenty of fashion illustration degree courses are available providing training in fields like fashion design, graphic design and illustration should be good to go courses here. The students trained in these programs may be benefited from the courses in drawing and digital illustration, typography and web designing.

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Once graduated from here, the candidates can start working to execute their professional skills like communicating design concepts and create web based graphics. 

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Compile a Portfolio

Having a good compiled portfolio helps potential employers in finding you on various networks. When the time comes to check your portfolio, it better be impressive. The employers evaluate the prospective illustrators on the quality of work in a professional portfolio. The beginners in fashion illustration are suggested to try entry-level jobs where they can further expand their professional portfolios.

Gain Work Experience

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Work experience over the time as a fashion illustrator helps in enhancing the skills in professional settings which in turn helps in gaining greater individual recognition. Always remember that the fashion illustrators create sketches, drawings and arrange layouts for fashion publications. Every step is an opportunity to advance their careers.

These are only a few of many steps involved in becoming a fashion illustrator. Get inspired, grab a pencil and get directed by your imagination to create some amazing outfits. 

Fashion Illustration New Basics for Beginners in 2021


Fashion Illustration is the art of formulating the designer’s fashion ideas through illustration, painting and drawing on paper. This method is often used to make prototypes, clothes for the production line, departmental stores and for advertisements or fashion magazines.

Learn Fashion Illustration, using this blog to know these 4 types

  • Pencil Illustration


Pencil illustration is one of the most popular types of illustration. Using a pencil, you can create soft shadows and transitions accurately. Some fashion illustrators use a pencil sketch to draw the first draft of an illustration. They later complete it with other materials. Even in stylist courses, Fashion Illustration starts by practicing with a pencil.

  • Charcoal illustrations


Though charcoal illustration is not as precise as pencil illustrations, they are preferred by many illustrators to draw short stories, nooks and fast sketches. It is the ability to blend in the charcoal that lets the artist create a range of textures. For charcoal illustration, artists use fingers and tissues to create soft shadows.

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  • Watercolour illustrations


The main thing about watercolour illustrations is its colour pigments. You can create nuances and subtle transparencies by adding water to the colour. The overall usage of watercolour illustrations comes with a lot of depth. This kind of illustration work is very light and is one of the easiest ways to create splashes of colour.

  • Acrylics


Acrylics illustration is one of the most preferred techniques for beginners in Fashion Illustration. This is because it is relatively easier to work with it compared to watercolour or oil illustration. However, the outcome of acrylics illustration is similar to that of oil and watercolour illustration.

This can be done on almost any kind of surface and they become water-resistant once they are dry.

The core idea of Fashion Illustration is to give fabric design and dimensions. It is essential for beginners in Fashion Illustration to know the basic illustration used in the fashion industry. If you wish to improve your Fashion Illustration skills, Hamstech Online Courses is exactly where you need to be. The best part of these online courses is that you can now learn them from any place and at any time. You also get a celebrity-desiged certificate at the end of this course.