Spicy Rocket, the Latin startup that allows small businesses to design their website without code

Small businesses can now quickly acquire an Internet presence without complications when creating your website.

Small businesses, in their infancy, simply can not compete. And when one lives in the era of information and self-management, it is important to be present on the Internet, the problem is that small businesses do not notice this reality and s & ds Venture into a market totally different from what it was. Ten years ago, digital tools became traditional.

Spicy Rocket is a web design platform that allows small businesses to generate the Internet presence they need, in just a few minutes and without technical complications, they can design and publish their website.

Something that impacted us to the point of deciding to create Spicy Rocket was when we understood the power of a famous quote from Bill Gates: “If your business is not on the Internet, it does not exist. ” Leo A., co-founder of Spicy Rocket.

The goal of this startup is to become the digital muscle of all these companies by providing them with tools allowing them to sell on the Internet (integrated baskets), to generate content (blog module) and to position themselves in the search engines ( SEO optimization of their websites). ). In addition to offering other tools that will help these companies improve their contact channels with their customers.

Spicy Rocket currently operates in Honduras, El Salvador and Colombia according to a commercial representation model offering packages ranging from $ 50 per year, including website, domain, web hosting, shopping cart, blog. By acquiring any plan, you can start designing your website and publishing it quickly, but if the company needs help designing your website, Spicy Rocket puts you in in contact with freelancers who will help you develop it from 35 USD. In the short term, they plan to enter Mexico and Argentina in order to reach new businesses more quickly and help them develop them.

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