Simon Leviev Interview: Tinder Swindler Shocking Revelations On His Relationships

This took a while for the famous Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev to realize the trap he has got into. MadFoxy reached out to him through his Instagram page and tried to get his version of the story, only if he is willing to. 


When we first talked to him when he was in Israel, Simon was truly furious about how things went after the Netflix documentary on him came out and said he will sue them for falsified propaganda. He also rejected to give an interview to us and demanded a lumpsum amount of 35,000 USD as compensation to feature. After talking to us, however, Simon has agreed to spend some time with us. Here is how the interview went so far:

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MadFoxy Rep (MR): Hola Simon. First of all, thanks for your time. We want you to know that we are with you on this. We cannot go with a one-sided story any day. We are dedicated to bringing out your version of the story and hence we are trying to reach out for two weeks now. 


Simon: Thank you, thank you! Pleasure is mine to be honest. Even the Israelis are disowning me after watching what Netflix had done. They have totally damaged the little reputation I had.

MR: We understand that, Simon. You are only denying the documentary. Do you have substantial proofs for your claim?


Simon: Of course, I do have them. Pernilla claims I have used her money. But she never said anything, not even uttered a word about the amount I spent on her to keep her happy.

MR: Can you tell us more about how much you have spent and where?

Simon: Sure. I spent on her credit cards and shopping. The dress she wore in the documentary, is given by me. You can ask her. Let me know if she denies it.

MR: We will approach her. But do you have any bills to stand on your claim?

Simon: She damaged them. I don’t have them, unfortunately.


MR: That is very convenient, Simon.

Simon: I know, it is hard to believe for you. I need you to wait until Friday. Some documents are still arriving. They are stuck at multiple airports in Europe. 

MR: Are you saying you will be giving us an appointment again?

Simon: Yes, only if you agree to publish my words without any modifications.

MR: That we do. Thanks for your time, Simon. 


We will be contacting Simon this Friday again. Stay tuned to MadFoxy.

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