Simon Levive & Anna Delvy – Who Is More Worse?

Not so later after Simon Levive was introduced to the whole world through Netflix TV show  – Tinder Swindler, another con woman artist was busted through another TV Show – Inventing Anna.

They’ve both stolen thousands of dollars from unsuspecting victims in the past. They’ve both been identified and called out by the legal system. They’ve both had their hands on excessive amounts of wealth that didn’t belong to them. When comparing damages done between Delvey and Leviev, which one is actually worse?

Thanks to Netflix, viewers have been able to get some insight into the crimes of both Delvey and Leviev. Delvey pretended to be a fake heiress who was set to inherit €60 million on her 25th birthday.

Inventing Anna is the Netflix original series that tells her story. Delvey was charged by prosecutors in Manhattan back in 2017 for stealing $300,000 and attempting to pocket another $22 million from a bank. She was charged with 10 counts of larceny, theft, and attempted theft.

 Tinder Swindler is a Netflix original documentary that focuses on Leviev’s story. Instead of trying to trick established businesses and hotels like Delvey, he would manipulate women into falling in love with him (and thinking he was seriously wealthy) … before asking them to borrow money. He’d claim he needed funds for his protection and well-being.

He would send photos of himself looking as though he’d just been attacked and claim his “enemies” were on their way to harm him. The women who found themselves falling in love with Leviev were willing to go into serious debt to cover the cost of his safety. Transferring him thousands of dollars and wiring him massive amounts of cash became a regular pattern.

The three women who came forward to tell their stories in the documentary about what it was like being conned by Leviev have been doing their best to rebuild their lives after going through such a devastating betrayal and heartbreak.

In fact, they’ve even launched a GoFundMe page to help them get their lives back on track. As of now, they’ve reached a little over €166,000 out of a €600,000 goal.

Delvey and Leviev both did some very messed-up things to a ton of unsuspecting people during their theft rampages. But which one is actually worse?

Delvey and Leviev’s current circumstances are a deciding factor.

The indication of a truly successful con artist (who actually knows what they’re doing) comes down to where their lives end up after getting caught. For Delvey, her current circumstances after a life of conning others aren’t too impressive. She was briefly released from prison in 2021, only to get taken into custody once again to await her potential deportation trial back to Germany.

Leviev, on the other hand, is a free man living his best life by avoiding travel to any countries where he’s been accused of fraud. He currently resides in Israel, continually denies all allegations against him, and has even opened up a dialogue about possibly launching his own dating reality TV show. He’s getting paid by fans who want custom video messages from him on Cameo as well. He’s really milking his Netflix fame for all it’s worth.

Where is Simon Levive these days? 

He claims to be a “real estate expert” these days which is more than likely a lie. Fortunately, he has been officially banned from using Tinder which is where he was so easily finding women to manipulate.

In terms of who’s worse between Delvey and Leviev, it seems Leviev is inherently a lot worse –– by far.

He targeted women by appealing to their emotional side, which is beyond evil and sociopathic. While Delvey is facing the music for her crimes and awaiting a trial that decides whether or not she’ll be deported, Leviev’s not necessarily facing any repercussions … which means he’s a lot more devious and crafty than the world might realize.

In our opinion, for these reasons alone, Simon is worse than Anna Delvy. Pour down your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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