Sewing Machine Needles Types Used In Garment Creation

There are some basic things that you need before starting your sewing project, and the needle is an essential part of all the basic things. When we talk about typical sewing machine needles, we find that there’s a lot of confusion about which needle to use for which job. The types of needles vary according to their name, number size, and type of point, length of the needle and shape of the eye, so the confusion regarding the needle is obvious. Here are a few types of sewing machine needles that are used in the process of garment creation. Take a look!

Categories of Needles

A needle can be broadly categorized into two types, namely:

  1. Cutting or leather point needles
  2. Round point needles- set or cloth points

Cutting Point Needles

Sewing Machine Needles

These sewing machine needles are used for sewing the leather/sheet materials that are too hard to penetrate and work through. The five universal kinds of non cutting point sewing needles include narrow cross point, cross point, reverse twist point, triangular point, and narrow edge point. 

Cloth point needles

Sewing Machine Needles

These are used for sewing textile materials instead of leather/sheet materials that are less dense and are easy to work on. The different types of cloth point needles include a slim set point, acute set point, medium set point, heavy set point, light ballpoint, medium ballpoint and the special ballpoint. The points generally have a round cross-section that contrasts various cutting profiles.

What is the purpose of sewing machine needles?

Of course sewing! But precisely a sewing machine needles serve the following purpose:

  • To make a hole in the fabric so the thread can pass through to form a stitch without damaging the fabric.
  • To carry the needle through the fabric to form a loop and so seal the stitch securely.

Pass the needle thread through the loop that is created on a chain stitch machine by the loop mechanism.

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The sewing machine needles may look like one thin shaft, but the entire process consists of different parts namely the shank, shoulder, blade, groove, and eye. For different fabrics and sheets, there are essentially different types of needles that can help to make the entire stitching process more convenient and fast. The needles also vary for the hand sewing and machine sewing process. You can refer to the Western garment creation process online, and you will find a bewildering range of needles for different stitches and materials.

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