Saree Borders- 5 Art Varieties of Them

A saree is a cloth magically draped in 9 yards. India is a home to various types of sarees. Each region in India produces a different variation of sarees reflecting their cultures and styles. However, irrespective of the type of the saree, there is one constant element which is also crucial to the overall look and it is the saree border. Sometimes, women prefer to buy saree borders separately. Here are five art varieties seen on saree borders.

Gota Patti Saree Border

saree borders

Gota Patti saree border is the pride of Rajasthan which suits very well for grand occasions and weddings. They look fantabulous on both bright colours and the dull ones.

Mirror Work saree border

mirror work

Mirror work saree border is one of those trends which is hard to ignore. This style of saree border brilliantly works well with plain sarees without being visually overwhelming.

Floral Saree Border


Floral saree border is one of the most trended art varieties. This saree border style goes well with booties or light floral embroidery work. It can be a head turner for both work and party.

Scallop Saree Border

Scallop Border Saree

Scallop saree border looks great on a net saree and can make anyone look super gorgeous. This saree border can be the perfect pick for a wedding event.

Velvet Saree Border

saree borders

While draping a velvet saree can turn you into a sizzling diva, it is advisable to keep the occasion in mind before deciding to wear a saree with a velvet border. It fits great for wedding occasions and high profile parties as they can get the attention you desire.

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These are some of the many art varieties used on saree borders. Saree borders are one of the important topics in courses. The tutorial videos are in multiple languages and hence you can learn textile design from anywhere, anytime.

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