Rowan Atkinson Is No More (AGAIN!) Here’s What We Know So Far

It is that time again. Mr Bean fame Rowan Atkinson died once again. Social media is a crazy place that can swing both ends. It can make ones career or it can kill others with the perpetual hoaxes that pop up every now and then.

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There are many incidents where many celebrities have died on social media. This pattern is so frequent that celebrities have given up coming forward to give clarity saying they are alive and breathing. As we speak, Rowan Atkinson is chilling at his swimming pool or sipping alcohol while news about his death is making rounds on the internet, specifically on Twitter.

The British actor has become a victim so many times for the same hoax after a Twitter handle acting like US telecaster Fox News spread the lie of Rowan Atkinson’s death and forced people into opening the link. One of the first hoaxes that appeared are here:

With that being said, the other celebrity who fell for this hoax include John Cena, I hope we will keep seeing him!

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