Roof is the limit! Thrifty ideas in Interior Design

They say what stays back are memories. The things that make you fond of your home and give you nostalgia could be cheap; but the impressions are priceless. It takes a really knowledgeable interior designer to understand your personal affections for particular types of decor and match it to the rooms to make them look soulful and personalized.

If you decide that costly accessories will make interiors fascinating, you will end up doing two things: overspending and compromise. It takes an element of imagination and creativity to create beautiful interiors that are appealing, cheap and over all easily customized. Many things one can introduce into the interior to give it a theme or personality are those that have a distinct quality to it. These accessories are made from highly random materials. As an interior designing enthusiast will know, the materials will often be discovered from the backyard or even junk.

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Here, we will discuss the ideas of renewing and refining used objects that are unique by their distinct shape or condition. These are objects that are easily available, creatively customized and cheaper than groceries. You can learn that at an interior designing course.

At home, there could be a few old articles locked up in a trunk or kept being junked. Think smart as these articles could be introduced to your re-planned or brand-new interior. These could be photo frames with old memorable pictures that will now adorn the newly painted walls. That old clock, touched up with a coat of fresh varnish could show off its dated look with fresh vigor. If you are in any of the courses for interior designing, you should have had the task of presenting your own creative ideas in this regard.

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Let us check out some thrifty ways in which interiors can be designed and decors set to make the living space attractive and inspiring.

Paint it Fresh

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Nothing rejuvenates an interior like a fresh coat of paint. If you have never tried painting different rooms in different shades or setting a color theme for the whole house yet, it’s worth trying. 

You could either stick to white and plan something interesting additionally or try warm or cool colors for different areas of the house. Get an interior designer to suggest the best way to go about this exercise. 

Change the Lights

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This could mean changing old yellow lights, that adds more to your bill too, to energy saving and economical LED lights. Besides this, the options to illuminate a room creatively are many. One need not buy a fancy lampshade to add beauty to the lighting. The lighting can be set in unconventional ways like inside empty colored painted or painted with fluorescent colors or wire meshes that give shadow effects all across the room. 

Fill the Walls with Art

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Be it framed works of art or old memorable photos, they can adorn the walls very well. Create a gallery of photos to keep you charged with memories and joy. Creating a collage of plates with artistic patterns is another way to beautify the walls. If you can create art yourself, get your works framed and place them on the walls, especially of rooms like living rooms and halls. 

Bring Nature In

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A healthy way of adding a new look and ambiance in your interiors at low cost is to have greenery inside the house. You could even create a wall mounted mesh for a climber plant. Select very easily available simple plants that can beautify your interiors. The advantage of this step is that with well-placed greenery, the interiors can look gorgeous without any artificial accessory.

Use Mirrors

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Mirrors are great accessories that can change the interior scene drastically. Just find the best place to keep the mirror. You may even embellish a basic frame of the mirror with your own designs like a nest with twigs or paper art pasted around the frame. Such custom-made, low cost beautification options are pleasing and can be changed with ease from time to time as needed.

Create Furniture from Rejects

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With the help of a good carpenter, if you are not one, you can make interior accessories like side tables, cupboards, glass top stands and decor pieces from waste pieces of wood. These could be the rejects at a carpenter shop or wood trunks in the wilderness. With cut-pieces of boards, tabletops or side tables can be made at little cost. 

You may also convert wooden trunks in unique designs to show-pieces or even glass top tables. They give a great visual appeal to the interior. These and many more smart ways of using low cost materials to create exquisite interior decor are worth a try.

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