Polygonal Ear Rings- 5 Steps to Make Them

In this modern era, you might have observed that most of the women today use the polygonal ear rings, which look stunning and gorgeous. Are you wondering for the reason why the demands of polygonal earrings are increasing day-by-day? Well, there are certainly several solid reasons behind its popularity and success. Are you interested in buying one? Have you ever used the polygonal ear rings before? 

polygonal ear rings

If not, then you should start using it, and understand the reasons why people prefer it more. Instead of buying the polygonal ear rings, you can also make them in the home, which doesn’t require much effort and hard work. With very simple things, you can create eye-popping polygonal earrings, which will surely grab others attention.Styles of polygonal ear rings are adorable, which can enhance your beauty to a great extent. 

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Steps To Make Polygonal Ear Rings

Step 1 : First, you need to bring the polygonal 3D cage beads, which you will use as a base in the earrings. Ensure whether the polygonal cage beads are shining or not. Once you are done with the selection, bring the knitted wire. 

Step 2 : Cut it up to 10cms with the help of a blade or cutter. While cutting the knitted wire always ensure whether the triangular smaller holes are present, or not at the end.

Step 3 : Next you need to attach an end cap into the triangular smaller holes of the knitted wire and press the device gently to adjust two strands properly in the cap. 

Step 4 : If you want to make the earring more attractive and appealing, you can also use beads. Go to the extreme left position, and start putting the beads into the knitted wire. You can put the beads with the help of a beading needle. Tie a proper knot at the end of each side of the bead stitching. 

Step 5 : Repeat the same stitching continuously to put the beads into the knitted wire.  In the end, you can add the polygonal cube cage into the ring, and adjust the beads and cage properly to give it a finished look. 

ear rings

Now, rock these DIY earrings! If you want to learn more, then you can go for a accessory designing course online.

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