Plead Not Guilty to a Parking Ticket in New Jersey

Plead Not Guilty to a Parking Ticket in New Jersey

Many people think twice before they decide to fight against the wrong issue of a parking ticket in New Jersey. They consider themselves not guilty and want to fight against the offense they are being alleged of. If you think you are one of them, then this is the article you should be reading. I am providing you with the way to Plead Not Guilty to a parking ticket in New Jersey.

There are two alternatives to handle when you receive a parking ticket in New Jersey. One – you can either pay the fine and add the points to your driving license or, two – fight against the ticket.

If you are ready to pay the fine, then there are chances that the penalty amount could possibly be a huge number or a small number, if you are lucky. However, the final result will be through the addition of points. What’s more important here is – going against the parking ticket in court helps you know whether you are guilty are not!

Hence, it is sometimes necessary to Plead Not Guilty and fight against the issue of parking tickets. If you are already given some points on your driving license and you do not wish to increase them, then the best way for you to is to plead not guilty.

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How To Plead Not Guilty?

Plead Not Guilty can be done by the following steps:

1. Understand the Entire Ticket Carefully 

The first thing one needs to do is to read the print on the ticket carefully. Each ticket comes with a court date printed on it. The Court follows its own rules for setting the Court date. So, you must not miss the dates that are printed on your parking ticket. The date printed on the ticket is the same date that you need to Plead Not Guilty in court, or you can submit the Plead Not Guilty Application.

2. Makes Yourself Available on the Prescribed Date

Once you have submitted Plead Not Guilty, the court will send you a notice mentioning the hearing date. Make yourself prepared beforehand on the provided date. You can take the help of a traffic court lawyer if you are not going to be available on the given date.

This process is called Plea by Email. Plea like this requires an affirmative showing that it will not be a burden on the defendant for appearing in the court for resolving the issue. These types of pleas save the court time and out-of-state defendants.

3. Plan a meeting with the prosecutor

For the first court date, the prosecutor generally levies some charges that involve some points related to the license than the original charge. This way, the meeting with the prosecutor leads to fewer charges on your ticket along with a minimal find amount. In situations like these, it is best to pay a lesser amount with fewer points on the license.

4. Court Appearance

Although if you can strike a deal with the prosecutor, you have to make yourself available before the Judge. This is because the final decision about the deal is depended upon the approval of the judge. You will be asked by the Judge to present the factual basis for the record of amended charges. You will be given some time to speak during the hearing.

If the Court accepts your deal, then you could pay the decided amount immediately after appearing in the court. You have to be prepared with cash, a credit card, or a chequebook. If you are not able to make the payment on the spot, you can request a payment plan from the court.

5. Hire an attorney

You have to remember that you have rights and plenty of options being a citizen of the country. You can hire an attorney/lawyer or consult with a traffic attorney for seeking guidance about your issue and discuss the further course of action.

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