Phulkari Embroidery – Easy Steps to Learn It

Nothing can make cloth look more attractive or vibrant than the embroidery works that are a delight to the eyes. Specifically, Phulkari embroidery whose roots are traced from Punjab. Phulkari refers to the term Flower work and looks brilliant with the floral motif designs that are done in bright colors. The design is regarded as auspicious for brides and newborns is mainly about colors.

What colors speak for?


There are several online fashion design programs and fashion designs schools that mainly emphasize the color scheme used in Phulkari. Colors have significant importance in the embroidery design. Different bright color threads used in the embroidery work reflects a new look that adds beauty to the outfit. 

Let’s discuss the types of Phulkari


The two main types of Phulkari are Bagh and Chope. Bagh represents a flower or garden whereas Chope refers to the vibrant and exceptional border designs that are done in the yellow or golden thread. The designs always don’t necessarily need to be done by a thread only; they can be embellished under the sub-categories like Ghunghat bagh where the mirror is used in the entire crafting work. 

Now you must be wondering how to do Phulkari Embroidery?

You too can make the designs effectively and beautifully without getting into the technicalities of the entire process. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • Draw the designs on the fabric and if you are planning to make some of the precise geometric designs that use a scale.
  • The entire embroidery is done with the darning stitch that is done by mimicking the satin stitch. You can fill the motifs by using the stitch.
  • Complete one side of the fabric and when one side is completed go for another side of the fabric. Make sure that the back side should also be as neat as the front side.
  • You can also do outline stitches along with the running stitches all around the motifs after you have completed filling the motifs.

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Making phulkari designs isn’t rocket science. This is one of the prettiest embroidery works that can be completed with minimal efforts and would look exceptionally extraordinary. Perfect for traditional as well as casual meetings, Phulkari is one of its kind and irreplaceable.

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