New terms in Fashion Styling You Need to Know

Even if you don’t go to a fashion school, here are a few terms that you need to know if you don’t want to be a social outcast. You can compare the various attires and you can surely notice the difference in their lengths, structures, cuts. Each piece of clothing or accessory is different from the other. Precisely, fashion is highly dynamic. You need to know at least some of the basic things that don’t interchange often.

You don’t really need to go for the best colleges for fashion styling in order to be a fashion geek, observing the trends and fancy scenes around you will somewhat ease your job. Here are some terms related to fashion, that can definitely help you to be in sync with your fashion-loving friends. Take a look!




 This is a term used by upcoming designers who make ready-to-wear outfits in very limited numbers. Generally, these outfits come in a price that can burn a hole in the pocket and are high on style, based upon the regular trends. The primary difference between a label and a brand is that a brand leads, while a label follows around you. Plus the brand has been in business for a comparatively longer time than a label and has a number of potential customers.

 Haute Couture


This is a French term that is used to describe high sewing dressmaking and often refers to the exclusive design creations. The creations are made with hand from start to finish.  They are also custom made as per the wearer’s size and requirements. Most of the celebrities including Scarlett Johnson and Aishwarya Rai are very fond of this and usually include this in their runway styles.


concept sketch

Silhouette in fashion is essentially the basic outline of an outfit. The common types of Silhouettes include flared, A-line, asymmetrical designs. Wearing a silhouette in the form of a sheath dress can highlight your body structure and can make you look like a damsel in disguise.



This is again a French word that is often used by fashion designers to refer to the complete set of the outfit with accessories, jewels etc. The entire look is known as the ensemble and is mostly used for western looks.



This refers to the lower edge of the garment and is often termed as long or short depending on the distance from the floor. The hemline of a short pencil skirt or a flared dress can expose your legs more, while a maxi dress, sheathed ones or the A-line ones, you would barely expose your feet.

In vogue


The word “In vogue” is primarily the synonym of “In fashion” and if you have something that is in vogue it means that currently, your style is trending. 

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You don’t really need to be a pro in Fashion and personal styling, all you need is a bit of knowledge about the prevailing fashion trends and the rest will automatically fall in place for you! However, if you take an online fashion course in styling, you can definitely stand out from the rest of the people. To be a trendsetter, take a course on fashion styling from your home as per your convenience.

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