5 Most Important Local SEO Ranking Factors

Local SEO Ranking Factors: If you are managing an SEO Agency, then you must be getting gigs to rank the local businesses. It is essential for a company to rank locally. Very similar to the national SEO, SEO for local companies need factors like On-Page Optimization, links, social signals, and much more to rank in the search engines.


Everything is the same till here, but there is one factor that adds to this demographic, and that is the geographic location of the business. In this article, I am going to share the top strategies that work best for Local SEO.

How To Do Local SEO Ranking Properly

Ranking for a keyword or a business at a national or international level is very tough. This fact makes the newbies in SEO think it is easy to rank for Local SEO. However, it would be best if you put the same efforts for Local SEO as you settle for national SEO.

Here I am listing out some of the strategies that work best for Local SEO.

Top Local SEO Ranking Factors

#1 – On-Page Optimization


When you receive a gig to rank a local business, as the first step, do collect the keywords related to the market and include them in the blog posts that you write for the company. You have to be wise while choosing a keyword as they can make or break website traffic and its conversions.

Please don’t ignore the high volume keywords, thinking it is hard to rank. If you think so, you are plain wrong. Here is the trick. You may not list them to the first page and first position on Google, but it can help you fetch some organic traffic for sure!

Pro tip – There will be a lot of general keywords that can rank easy. Think from the perspective of a local vendor and local customer.

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#2 – Join Directories

Create a local profile on Google and other local listings and claim the ownership. It is common to join directories for backlinks, but for Local SEO, it is essential to build connections with the other local business websites in your location. You can also link with the sites related to your industry/niche.

To start with, begin joining significant directories like Yelp, Google Places, Neighbourly App, Foursquare, and many others. Yext here is a beneficial source to discover new directories to join.

#3 – Reviews

Just like comments on websites, the number of reviews from your clients and customers can boost the local business. This is why reviews are crucial in Local SEO rankings. These reviews show your website and how legitimate your business. These stats do well in search engine rankings.

Customer Reviews For Local SEO

However, getting reviews is not as easy as it sounds and remember that fewer people review on your website unless they are extremely satisfied or unsatisfied with your product or services. To get more reviews, offer a gift card or anything to appreciate the time your consumers use to write a review. Customer reviews are one of the most important Local SEO Ranking Factors.

Increase the visibility of your business using Social Profiles. One of the best ways to get reviews, mostly positive reviews is to have your customers/clients write them during their visits. Make it easy for them to write.

#4 – Blog Posts

Write SEO centric blog posts regularly to increase the visibility of your local business on the internet. Keywords you use for a blog post may help in ranking for landing pages.

$5 – Invest in a Mobile Site


Google’s algorithm is very unstable. It keeps updating now and then and sometimes without a prior announcement from Google itself. Good content is the only thing that can save you from any change. That said, it is vital to have your website for mobile use as it one of the most important Local SEO Ranking Factors.

The points mentioned in this article work well, and the results reflect when people visit your store. After reviews, it is the website where people land when people are searching for your business. If you don’t have a mobile-optimized website, people may disappoint as a desktop site looks awful in a smartphone.


To conclude, focus more on increasing the user experience in Local SEO. It is indeed not very tough to rank Local SEO for a business that includes physical locations on their websites. Apart from that, try including the above strategies for Local SEO and let me know your opinions in the comments section below.

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