10 Free Photoshop Filters You Should Try

10 Free Photoshop Filters You Should Try

When it comes to photo editing, Adobe Photoshop is the market leader. Once you discover the tricks and know how to use the software, you will soon be able to edit images with ease and panache. The more you learn about Photoshop’s built-in effects and features, the better end-result you’ll get. However, the chances are that there may come a time where you’d want to learn more about free-on and filters to enhance your existing Photoshop toolset. This is why below mentioned are ten completely free Photoshop filters you should give a try:

10 Free Photoshop Filters You Should Try

  1. Blue Evening:

Blue Evening is a Photoshop filter which basically helps to cool down an image with a beautiful blue color hue. It adds a hint of solemnness and can also be used to make a bright image appear soft.

  1. Dramatic Sephia:

If you wish to add a reddish-brown and classic sepia effect to an image, this filter is the one for you. You can use the filter with ease, manually in the software itself. Just tap on the ‘Adjustments’ option in the ‘Image’ tab. Next, click on Photo Filters option and select ‘Sepia’ option.

  1. Nightmare:

Do you want to give an image a haunting effect? To add extra creepiness, you can download this filter and make an image appear like a still from a horror film.

  1. Old Photo:

If you wish to develop a little more old-timey and nostalgic feel to an image, you can use the Old Photo filter. The filter adjusts the contrast as well as the color of the picture and makes it appear ‘old-school.’

  1. Dream Blur:

Dream Blur filter brings about a subtle and dream-like effect in an image. The filter adds dark and blurred out vignettes on the edge of the image and also increases its saturation level.

  1. HDR Tools:

HDR Tools comprises of 4 actions. These have the ability to convert dull backgrounds in order to showcase eye-catching and intense details. You should apply a heavier HDR filter when you have a very dull image.

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  1. Lithprint:

This filter brings about a similar vintage look which is developed by the lith printing process. This filter offers a much more drastic vintage look to an image. It adjusts the highlights, shadows as well as the contrast in the picture and also puts a gritty type of texture.

  1. Vintage:

This filter does much more than just making the image look ‘old-school’ like the Old Photo filter. It adds a differentiating neon effect to the image.

  1. ON1 Effects:

ON1 Effects is basically a Photoshop plugin which offers complex effects to pictures. This plugin comprises of a variety of filters such as the HDR look, vignette, etc. You can use each of these filters on top of one another and build a different kind of effect.

  1. Virtual Photographer:

If you wish to add specific effects in the program, then the virtual Photographer plugin can be of great help. The plugin will allow you to put in complicate effects to an image in just a single tap on the mouse.

Hence, if you wish to enhance your Photoshop effects and bring in variety to computer fashion design, then try out these filters.

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