How To Kill Cockroaches Instantly?

You were sound asleep when a scream made the juicy dreams come to an abrupt end. Yes, your wife screamed because of a cockroach. You drove the creature away like the dashing knight in armour. At the weekends, your family members found there is a cockroach infestation in the home. This article on what kills cockroaches instantly, provided, you will be, with information on how to kill cockroaches instantly.

Disadvantages of Having Cockroaches In Home

You can find American cockroaches in large numbers in India. It is also a common sight to see even the other species. And they are mere nuisances but are well-known as carriers of diseases. Some diseases associated with cockroaches are diarrhoea, typhoid, gastroenteritis and dysentery. A female cockroach of the most common species found in India can lay from ten to ninety eggs. When these babies hatch, your family members will shriek in horror as these little ones run amok in the home.

How To Kill Cockroaches Instantly?

There are some ways you can trick to kill cockroaches instantly. Here are some of them – 

1. Boric Acid

You can easily kill cockroaches with boric acid. But the creatures have to establish direct contact. When you place a light layer in the areas of infestation, the acid will stick to the exterior body of the pest. Dehydration steps in, and the pest will die within three days.

2. Sprays

With the spray, you can kill cockroaches instantly. But you have to be cautious. You should not inhale the smell of the liquid. It can cause damage to your own health. If you can get the infestation in control, then for the future, it is mandatory to look at prevention methods. So do not leave dirty home plates in the sink, or standing water in the restroom. You have to remove the trash. Cockroaches, attracted to the trash can get into your home.

3. Sugar & Baking Soda

A simple home improvement method. The sugar attracts the cockroaches. When ingested, the baking soda destroys the digestive system.

4. White Flour and Boric Acid

A homemade method. You can mix in equal parts, powdered white flour and boric acid. Convert the mixture to small balls and place them in areas of infestation. You can continue the practice for two weeks till you see the results. Ensure to keep the balls away from pets and children.

5. Soap Solution

Your daily bathing soap – convert it to a deadly weapon against cockroaches. Prepare in equal amount water and soap. Now put the mixture in a spray bottle. When you see a cockroach, spray on their body. The death will be instant. You can also spray the mixture on their infested areas.  In the entire article “what kills cockroaches instantly?” this is the perfect method.

6. Exterminator – what kills cockroaches instantly

The method is expensive. But if you had a hotel or restaurant where the problem has become immense, then it is advisable to use this method. And it will save money and time. Pest control of cockroaches does not happen in one day. It needs time, but this method can kill cockroaches instantly.


There is an easy way out when it comes to killing cockroaches instantly. As mentioned in this article, you can start implementing any of these tricks and see the result for yourself. Let us know in the comments section below about your experience and share us the issues you’re facing due to cockroaches. 

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