Key Differences between Ethnic and Indo-Western Wear

Ethnic dresses and Indo-western dresses carry almost the same appearance and feel. They have many common features and also substitute each other on certain occasions. Many individuals often fail to understand the difference between these two and can rarely figure out which garment to wear on which occasion.

Well, ethnic garments and Indo-western garments have a fine line of difference which is often overlooked. On this fine line, certain aspects differentiate an ethnic look from a contemporary one. So let’s go ahead, dive into this topic and check out what differentiates ethnic wear from Indo-western wear.

How to differentiate between Ethnic and Indo-western garments?

Ethnic dresses generally have heavy designs and embroidery, whereas Indo-western dresses are simple and have lighter embroidery. The ethnic dresses are generally heavily designed with loud colors, shiny embroidery threads, jhumkas, etc. On the contrary, the Indo-western dresses have lighter embroidery that makes them look simple and sophisticated. They usually come in subtle colors that provide warmth to the eyes.


Indo-western dresses are adaptive, while ethnic dresses are rarely adaptive. Due to their simple design and light embroidery, Indo-western dresses can be worn on almost all types of occasions. You can use them as formals, semi-formals, and casuals. However, things are not the same with ethnic wears. Owing to their heavy designs they are not fit for formal and semi-formal setups.

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Indo-western dresses come in a standard color set and it is is liked by a huge global audience, and these colors are generally subtle and universal. While the other use a wide range of colors and comes in a broad spectrum of colors that are usually loud and are not liked by many people.

indo western

Designing ethnic dresses requires a lot of time and labor because of the huge amount of intricate designs and embroidery that they carry. This also makes them unnecessarily overpriced. Whereas Indo-western dresses can be designed in a short time as they carry simple and lighter designs, preparing them doesn’t require much time and effort. With minimal embroidery, Indo-western garments are good to go in no time.

Indo western

If you try to choose a winner between these two, then Indo-western dresses are sure to earn the award owing to their high adaptability and global sense of appeal. Indo-western garments can serve several occasions- from marriage parties to semi-formal meetings. Moreover, they are appreciated by the global crowd. However, to understand the differences of these garments, you can avail fashion illustration courses India and can attend these fashion illustration classes sitting at your home, as per on your convenience. Isn’t it amazing?

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