Kasuti Embroidery Stitches – All You Need To Know About It

India is known for its diverse and varied fashion. Indian fashion is all about pure class and craft. Kasuti embroidery is one of the fine examples. It is highly demanded among all types of embroidery stitches. Its fan base is not just in India but across the globe. 

What makes it unique?

kasuti embroidery

The most attractive feature of Kasuti embroidery is the simplicity it bears. It’s a fine example of the combination of fashion and simplicity. The way it produces incredible designs with only a little amount of stitches is indeed praiseworthy. This is the reason that designers of top fashion houses often prefer Kasuti embroidery over others. 

It is easy to differentiate between authentic Kasuti embroidery and a duplicate one. Another aspect that makes it explicit is its appearance. Because the design is explicitly made to look identical from both the front and rear side, these types of embroidery last for longer days. In short, your return of investment remains great.

Various patterns and styles with Kasuti embroidery


Kasuti embroidery stitching is easy and fascinating. There are basically four types of stitches used for Kasuti embroidery. These four types are Gavanti stitch, Murgi stitch, Negi stitch, and Menthi stitch. However, when it comes to the patterns, there are so many to choose from. Among these, the centrally located Lotus flower is one of the most popular patterns used with such clothes. Apart from this, the patterns of shells, animals, etc are also quite used with clothes. In general, the embroidery designs are executed on a grid. However, excellent patterns can be generated without a grid as well.    

Right stitching for right pattern

For the best look of embroidery stitches, the designers look for the right kind of fabric. There are different techniques used for different kinds of fabrics.  For example, when it comes about the aida clothes, every straight line on the pattern is meant to be a square. When it comes about even-weave fabric, it is important to ensure the number of threads to be counted for every straight stitching. It’s very easy to adjust the dimension of the pattern by altering the thread numbers counted for every stitch.  

No need for expensive equipment


Working with Kasuti embroidery is quite easy. You need not have expensive equipment for this purpose. For example, when it comes about the usage of mainstream linen or similar segment, one may even make use of a waste canvas to develop the desired grid on the fabric or take this as any other embroidery pattern, at the same time figuring the design straightaway on the fabric, and completing the stitches. One may make use of the patterns on the clothes individually, or in combination, as desired.   

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Finally, it can be concluded that people looking for an incredible craft in the easiest way should definitely try Kasuti embroidery stitches. The online fashion courses will help you dig in deeper in this type of embroidery from the comfort of your home. Sounds interesting? Get enrolled today!

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