How to effectively use iPhone notifications

iPhone notifications They have a double edge. They can be very useful every day or become a tool of real annoyance if we do not set up its work well, not because they do not work well, but because they use all the applications and games correctly.

But with some changes, notifications will become a way to find out about important messages, notifications and events from our lock screen. without the need to unlock the phone and do not open the application.

Most fundamental

By default, iPhone notifications are displayed as a semi-transparent rectangle. It goes down from the top and rises again. This indicates the application that sends it, at what time (“now” for the first time) and the message in question.

To see all the notifications, you must go to the lock screen and drag the screen up. So, we will see the Notification Center where previous notifications are displayed until we delete or delete them depending on the configuration.

If you receive multiple notifications from the same application, they will be grouped together to take up less space. Clicking on a group of notifications you will see them separately. Clicking on the notification will open the application that generated it, for example, WhatsApp, Mail, Messages, Facebook …

By clicking on the X next to the city code, the Notifications Center will be deleted. If you drag notifications to the left, you can delete them, view their contents or manage them.

The option to see its contents will show the survey according to the application. In fact, it will display the most important content more fully than in the notification. And the option to manage It is used to change the notification settings of the application in question.

Grouped or not grouped

Notification groups are designed to optimize the available space in the notification center. But if you want to display them separately, you can ungroup them in each application Settings> Notifications , select the application, and then grouping notifications , Default option will be activated automatically , if we note the invalidWe will see a notification in chronological order and are mixed between different applications. With the option On the application, they will be separated, but in order of use.

Disable preview

By default, the previous screen will be displayed on the lock screen, and you will be able to watch the review as we have already checked before. But you may not want it to be so that curious glances do not know the content of the messages you receive. In this case, you can finish it from Settings> Notifications> View previews ,

Among the options to choose from, this is always the default. If you choose If it is unlocked This notification history is displayed on the lock screen only when you unlock your iPhone with a PIN or fingerprint ( Touch ID ) or face recognition ( Personality ). The third option is ever limited to exclude a preview of notifications.

Alerts Styles

By default, all alerts are enabled, but we can be more specific , which will help us distinguish alerts from one or another application. For example, Settings> Notifications In each application, we can indicate whether we want the notification to be displayed on a locked screen, in the Notification Center, and / or on tapes when the screen is unlocked.

The most useful option will be the sounds that will help us customize the notifications in accordance with the application. In this way, we will know if we received an email, a WhatsApp message or a Facebook message without looking at the screen.

Discrete Notifications

From the notification center, you can reconfigure iPhone notifications if you receive an excessive amount of messages from certain applications or games.

Swipe the notification on the left and click manage . We’ll have two main options. c Get careful notifications from this app will still be received, but they will not be visible on the lock screen and will not make any noise or see the corresponding rectangle.

The second option is more radical, Disable … and we will no longer see ads for this application. If you want to receive these notifications, you just need to go to Settings> Notifications, select the application from the list and activate the Allow notificationsoption again . Moreover, when we see these two options by clicking on the settings, we will see all the options for this application related to notifications.

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