It was a blow for fans of the series who were emotionally investing in the character and at that moment we did not just understand how loyal he was. Bran Starkwe also understood the origin of his name.

If that were not enough, the producers and writers of Game Of Thrones they planned that Hodor come back to the popular series … as part of the army of the dead white walkers commanded by the king of the night.

The art of Game of Thrones, a retrospective series in four books that presents details never seen before, plans to publish its first issue May 28. Vanity Fair He had exclusive access to three images showing plans that did not materialize for his return.

Between the images you can see plans for the first of the seventh season, Dragon stoneor Bran has a vision of King of the night and his army marching towards the wall. Among the undead or the specters is Karsi, the character appeared in season 5 and died in the episode Hardhome. He also appeared Hodor (Kristian Nairn) In fact, producers have avoided the heroes of the series fighting with any of their loved ones turned into zombies.

Unless a totally unexpected surprise for the last episode of the series, the army of the dead will no longer appear, Arya finally he managed to finish with the King of the night during the Battle of Winterfell.

In addition to the book of storyboards made by William Simpson, other copies of the book series, includes the costumes of Michele Claptonand the cinematography of the series, Helen Sloan.