Fashion Styling for Indian Men

Indian fashion styling is as diverse as its culture and festivals. Every part of this incredible nation has its own distinguished form of outfits. The interesting part about India’s fashion is that despite a huge impact of western fashion, Indians have still managed to maintain their very own authentic Indian classic wears. 

To be specific, the women in India are known for adhering to the classic traditional attires. For example, the traditional wears such as saree, salwar, lehnga,and so on are more worn among women in India. In comparison, though men in India mostly wear formal suits or western clothes at professional places. But those haven’t been able to surpass their traditional wears, like kurta, dhoti. To be specific, these are worn during the traditional occasions or festivals. Given below is a detailed insight into the fashion styling of Indian men. 

Diverse yet united men’s wear in India


Be it about men or women, the use of cotton has always been greater in comparison with other fabrics. Specifically, Indian men always love going with fluid fabric over others. What is amazing to see is that these fluid fabrics are found in a range of style options in modern times in India. When it comes to traditional occasions or festivals, Indian men prefer going with the unstitched fabric. 

In fact, these unstitched fabrics are considered the most sacred. When it comes to traditional casuals, lungis are indeed the most popular wear that the Indian men prefer. Besides being traditional, it is also the most comfortable wear after a hard day’s toil. From the north to south India, lungi is the favorite among all men in India. However, the prints or color combination often varies from one part to the other. While printed or colorful lungis are worn among men in north India, white lungis with wide border lungis are most popular among men in south India. 

The Mindset Behind Indian Men fashion Styling

fashion styling


The point to be noted about all these traditional dresses is the comfort they provide.  At the same time, it gives the classy appeal as per the personality. Kurtas or dhotis can be the best example in this regard. When a young man wears such kurtas, sherwani, or dhotis, he automatically seems to have a classy personality. 

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Similarly, when an elder person wears the same dress, they seem to carry the tradition. These wearable are comfortable formal wears that look good on everyone irrespective of their age. Not just the look, such outfits are manufactured keeping the climatic aspect of India in mind. Considering the fact that the Indian climate is comparatively hotter, such loose and comfortable clothing is always a better choice over the body-fit ones. This is also the reason that cotton is a preferred material for such outfits.  However, such traditional wear among men are getting limited within the festivals, marriages or religious occasions only.

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When it comes to traditional wears, Indian men & women are always serious about the quality of the fabric. They never compromise on fabric or material. The prints don’t look qualitatively good when the material quality is compromised. You can always learn fashion styling online with different websites and courses which gives you a new outlook on different aspects of fashion styling.


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