5 Fashion Styles You Should Bid Goodbye in 2021

Fashion styles experience a dramatic change each year. Something that came in last year is considered boring today, while trends that were once an ancestor fashion becomes a new favourite. This only means that the fashion statements which were cut down years ago shall come back into fashion with a new appeal.

5 Fashion Styles You Should Bid Goodbye in 2021

In this article, we will talk about some of the outfits which you need to let go in 2019.

1 – Crop Top


It is understandable that saying goodbye to this outfit is difficult and might leave most of you shattered. But, this is what most experts from stylist training courses are saying – crop out your crop tops in 2019! According to these styling experts, crop tops have been in trend for a good number of years now & has become boring.

  1. Off-shoulder Tops


During the ’80s, when Jennifer Beals rocked this outfit, it became a sensational fashion statement of the era?  For years now, these tops have been revised and paired up with almost every bottom wear. Over time they have been proven to be impractical and uncomfortable wear that needs constant adjustments.

  1. Yoga Pants

Besides their regular use for exercising, yoga pants have been chosen popularly as casual daywear too. In 2019, the fashion stylists in India are suggesting to avoid this outfit. No matter how comfy they may seem, they still give an impression of the wearer being untidy or undressed.

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  1. Laced garments


Lace has often been termed as a ‘feminine-favourite’ dress material. From skirts to tunics, there are different styles in which Indian fashion designers use lace in their creations. However, in 2019’s expert styling tips, you will not witness the use of laces. Experts say that although this fabric is not gone out of fashion, it is time to experiment a little more with the fancy dress items.

Fashion forecasting is an important factor for fashion style people to guess fashion trends based on previous and current fashion moods of the people. Keep sticking to this blog to learn more about fashion styles and related content.

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