Fashion Design Style: Understanding Dress Codes in 2021

Though the concept of dress codes is more prominent in the Western culture, Indian fashion also has the tradition of dressing up for occasions like weddings and festivals. But understanding dress codes is going one step ahead! 

Today, we witness the influence of Western culture a lot in our daily affairs. Our careers have changed, our outlook has broadened and thanks to technology, our interactions also have flourished beyond geographic boundaries! Fashion styling is the most reflective cultural transition that we have attained through the decades. 

Fashion styling courses are a great opportunity to learn about dress codes and how to look appropriate and presentable at particular occasions. It’s interesting to learn and carries etiquette in its application. Before you go into this topic in your fashion design training, let’s introduce you briefly to the subject of dress codes.

Here are some very popular dress codes you ought to know about.

Casual Wear

casual wear

Now, we’re not exactly discussing the dress for a stroll in the backyard. By casuals, here we mean the kind of easy-going yet elegant wear suggested while meeting people on social occasions informally. 

Casual wear for men can be a combination of button down shirts and dress pants. Polo shirt can also be a cool choice for casual upper wear. Collared shirts are best to make casual wear look smart. Black or brown shoes will go according to their suitability for the garment.

For women, casual wear could at best be a combination of a blouse or a fashionable top paired with slacks or dressy skirts. Sweaters or jackets can look stylish and will be appropriate in cold seasons. 

Business Casuals

business casuals


For men, business casuals look elegant with a collared, long-sleeved formal shirt. A pair of nice pants can go with the well-pressed shirt. For shoes, choose Oxford or loafers. 

For women, a clean, ironed blouse, paired with knee-length skirt or dress, or slacks will do well. Also mind to wear low heels in footwear.

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Cocktail is a party where cocktail drinks are served. It’s an occasion to meet, socialize for personal and business purposes. 

Men should wear dark colored suit jackets along with a tie. Wear pants that match the jacket. Wear laced shoes with socks that match the jacket color. 

Cocktail dresses for women could be long enough to stand just above the knee or a couple of inches above the ankle. Any evening dress that is not too long to suggest thoroughly formal will do. Wearing pumps that match the dress is a good idea. Dressy sandals or flats can go with the occasion.

You can now start exploring more dress codes on your own. Enroll today and explore the craft of fashion styling. Now, you are better informed about attending different occasions with confidence, grace and impression.

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