Fabric Rendering – Basic Understanding

Fabric rendering is an excellent process for illustrating the versatile fashion ideas that come to a person’s mind. Several online fashion illustration courses in India help students to draw fabric with a realistic and convincing way to depict the minor details in the fabric. With some basic fashion illustration skills and your creative mind, you too can draw fabrics with movement and stunning realism. You need to understand a few concepts before you start doing it

Why is fashion rendering important? 

Fashion rendering is important because it is one of the most influential tools used in fashion designing. Most of the textile industries and fashion designing courses use methods of fashion rendering to exhibit the ideas on paper. 

How to work on stunning fashion rendering?

Fashion designing revolves around a lot of basic concepts and ideas that are mainly taught by the basic fashion illustration classes online. But if you want to start with fashion illustration then here are a few tips to make your illustration look more real and different:

Choose the right sketching tools


There are a wide variety of pencils, and choosing the right pencil for illustration can be challenging. However, the trick here is that you don’t necessarily have to use a single pencil for an entire piece of illustration. A variety of pencils can make your work easier.

Focus on the design


You aren’t a painter. You don’t need to make the hands, face or anything accurately. All you need is to exhibit the design as realistically as possible. All you need to do is to add flare to the fabric and make it look hyper-realistic. 

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What you should really focus on:

  • proportions and shapes
  • the way you want to drape your fabric
  • the body structure is important than detailing

Shading techniques


If you want your sketch to look accurate then better start Shading from the lighter area. Doing so will give your drawing look like a 3D art piece and will give volume to the drawing For better convenience you can always start Shading with a 2H pencil and then gradually move to 4B pencil.

This was all about fashion rendering. An online fashion designing course in Lucknow can help you know these crafts in greater detail. Stick to the details and your illustration will look like a 3D art.

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