Easy Techniques Of Embroidery You Need to Know in 2021

Learning embroidery is both fun and exciting. It is an easy way out to create beautiful art with the combination of fabric and thread. It is intimidating in the beginning while learning embroidery. As the time goes on, you will find the easy way as it requires a few basic stitches for most of the patterns. So, for the garment creation process, learning the basics of pattern making can fit the bill, which also includes learning embroidery.

The embroidery techniques mentioned in this blog are good to go for a beginner. If you want to learn more about the craft of embroidery, there are many courses available that teach you everything from the basics. 



Zigzag is a type of finish that can be used on most of the fabrics. To get a zigzag stitch, open the seam in the sewn and press open. The dimensions of the cloth vary based on the weight of the fabric here. On a whole, there is a difference from where the seam-edges are trimmed to half their depth, pressed to one side and zigzagged together. 

Turn and Stitch

turn and snitch

Crisp cottons are the best for the turn and stitch method. To get this embroidery done on dress pattern making, fold and press the seam with a 1/4-inch machine stitch along the folded edge to finish. The seams are either pressed open or for only one side; this depends on the directions of the pattern. 

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Pinked Seams

pinked seam

Pinked seams stitching is comparably the simplest of seam finishes in garment creation. Also, this is the best of the versions used on wool and polyester fleece. Trimming away a little of the seam is suggestible in pinked seams. And a better version of this finish is to stitch 1/4–inch from the seam and trim the edges with pinking shears later.

Feather Stitch



A linked stitch that is created with open lines that almost looks like they are moving is called Feather Stitch. This stitch fits good while making borders and frames. Also, works well layered or embellished in combination with other stitches as well. Feather stitch is good to look while stitching seaweed, scales, foliage, or feathers. 

This is not it! There are many more stitches than what are mentioned in this blog. Embroidery stitches are part of curriculum in many fashion designing institutes. With easy guidance, you also can learn the basic embroidery.

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