Denim Jacket- 4 Different Ways of Styling It

The style statement made by denim jackets is so pronounced that it complements the “live free” attitude of the young as well as “memories are me” attitude of the matured. Jackets are not just part of Western wear but have their variants even in Indian fashion. 

But in all, that extra layer of style statement helps a lot in projecting our intentions to the world and expressions we wish unfurled without a word being spoken. In fashion styling, jacket design is a very creative opportunity to employ liberal amounts of sheer attitude and art. 

Once you buy a jacket, there’s a lot of scope to make it more attractive and embellished, just as you wish. The best way to go about such an interesting possibility is to join fashion styling courses. But, here we’ll examine some basic ways to style your jacket.

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What’s the fabric : Jackets are available largely in denim and leather varieties. Treating these with different methods of decoration has only slight variations. 

What are the methods : Now, jacket customization can be done broadly by painting or patching. Painting itself has different methods like:

Acrylic Painting


You can paint the denim jacket with acrylic colors with whatever artistic imagery you want to add on the garment. Another way to go about it is spraying fabric spray paint over the jacket (which works great on denim particularly) with the help of stencils. Stencils help create text patterns or other artistic designs effectively.

Yet another way to apply paint for styling denim jackets is by splattering paint on the jacket, which creates a typical worked out look to the jacket which projects casual trendiness.


Glitter Jean Jacket

Crazier but shinier, painting jackets with glitters cracks another code of fashion that appeals to those who love to sparkle for some well-deserved attention. Use your imagination and choose the glitter colors wisely to make your jacket look jazzier.


denim jacket

Applying interesting patches works great on jackets. It could be a quirky graphic, a logo, a caricature or anything that meets your taste. Making these patches is also possible if you get formal training from any of the fashion stylist training programs.


Pin Collection

As the easiest and most dynamic method of adding style to the denim jacket, you can pin up badges of different themes, memes, figures and messages to the garment. There’s a lot of buzz for such badges from time to time and these pin-ups make great style additions for special occasions. Check out what’s up for Valentine’s Day friends!

So, as you just saw, there is so much that you can do about making denim jackets jazzy, cool and typically an extension of yourself! Be a professional by enrolling into any of the fashion stylist training programs available. Sharpen your creative skills at a fashion school and make the most of your passion and talent for such creative activities.

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