Computer Safety instructions that you need and procedure

Over time and use computers usually store dust, hair, stains, drops and dirt. For this reason, it is recommended to periodically clean the computer and its components. How to clean your desktop or laptop? In this article, we will review the procedure, safety instructions, and items needed to thoroughly clean your computer.

Before you begin: what do you need to clean your computer?

Cleaning a computer, whether it be a desktop computer or a laptop, is a relatively simple procedure that takes us about two hours and must be done regularly. How many timesThis will depend on the environment in which we are located and its location, since it is not the same as having a tower on the first floor of a house with pets that have it on the table in the laboratory.

Although a good approximation can be done once a year, there are in fact unambiguous signs, such as heating, excessive ventilation or a powerful fan ,

To clean the computer, we need a number of items. We consulted with experts such as Juan Carlos Lopez, Javier Pastor and Javier Penalva for cleaning tips ,

First we need a set of precision screwdrivers (8.21 euros). There will be cases when only one is enough, but it is desirable to have a kit at home.

In the market, we find a lot of different price packages, although knowing that this is a “lifelong” purchase, it is worth it. Decent quality, ergonomic and with a magnetic tip , that they are not magnetized? We can do it ourselves by moving the magnet from the metal base to the tip, repeating the movement several times in one direction.

We will also need a spray of compressed air (5.79 euros) to remove the inlaid dirt in hard to reach places. For this task, we could also use a vacuum cleaner, carefully using it in places where parts are small and fragile. Another element to remove dust is a small brush (8.55 euros) or even a soft bristled brush to remove dust without damaging the components.

To clean the internal surfaces and components. We need a microfiber cloth (7.99 euros), and outside we can use the same cloth or dust bag. Some tampons – tampons for the ears – we also need smaller sections.

We consulted with Engadget experts about the fluid used to clean the computer, and its general recommendation is to leave specific cleaning products aside and to make our own cleaning fluid, high efficiency and more affordable , Juan Carlos Lopez gives us a recipe:

  • 80% distilled water.
  • 20% isopropyl alcohol (9.90 euros)
  • A few drops of desiccant (photoshop).

Isopropyl alcohol is used to clean electronic devices without damaging them , which we will use in the solution. For its part, the desiccant will evaporate the liquid in a short time.

Security issues when cleaning the computer

Before proceeding with the cleaning of equipment and its peripheral devices, we disconnect them from the electric current to avoid discharges for us and for the circuits that make it up. We will also lend special attention to static electricity ,

And this is what components of electronic circuits may suffer due to static electricity, which we naturally generate . In this sense, it is desirable to handle them in latex gloves (11.04 euros), which will also protect us from dust, and with an antistatic belt. (7.49 euros).

Electrostatic bracelets are bracelets that are attached to the wrist with a cable ending in a clip that we connect to ground, using a chassis or a metal tower. Another option to get rid of static electricity is to touch a metal surface with your fingers.

If we suffer from breathing problems or are allergic It is highly recommended to use a dust mask (€ 19.52) when processing and cleaning the inside of the computer, taking into account the amount of dust remaining. he accumulates.

How to clean the tower outside and inside

The first thing to do is to place the computer on a table cleaned, spacious, with sufficient lighting and ventilation, and with something below, it can be cardboard or plastic rubber that collects dirt and avoids contact.

Turn off the equipment and disconnect it from the power supply. To clean your appearance, we will use a microfiber cloth moistened with cleaning fluid. For ports and slots It is better to use a brush or compressed air spray.

The time has come to open the equipment . In the case of a tower, external screws are often found which, once removed, allow one side to be removed for access inside. In the case of a laptop, we will turn it over and unscrew it. Although the internal part of notebooks is basically the same, the distribution and access vary from one brand to another and even between different models.

A good way to not lose the screws and remember where they come from is to mark a sheet of paper on a sheet of paper and place the screws inside by entering your name. Thus, we could write a “cover” and leave the screws used to fix the part inside.

Once we have reached the inside, we strike small blows at the fans located inside, thus affecting the blades and the stem. When submitting an application, we must have special Care in places where there are components like a motherboard, RAM, or a processor, dropping frames at a certain distance.

It’s time to clean the motherboard and components , Try to disconnect the cables and some components, such as RAM or hard disk, and our know-how as much as possible to keep everything as it is. The cleaner the area, the better we can clean.

Carefully apply a bristle brush, as well as cotton swabs or a microfiber cloth, depending on the available space. Be careful, because the cleaning fluid must not come in contact with the motherboard, PC board or any other sensitive electronic element, because moisture can damage them ,

To improve the cooling of the processor It is desirable to update the thermal grease (6.48 euros). To do this, we will remove the old paste with isopropyl alcohol and apply thermal grease with specific characteristics recommended by the manufacturer.

The more components you remove and clean, the better the result. However, even if you stick to the surface cleaning on the inside, the improvement is great .

How to clean the monitor

Dust, spray and fingerprints clog computer screens over time. However, it is quite simple to leave them clean.

Of course, pay special attention to the liquid used for cleaning: not a wiper or alcohol, because they can damage the anti-glare protection of the panels ,

According to Juan Carlos Lopez, our editor specializing in image and sound, it’s better not to complicate the cleaning kits and use a cloth soaked in liquid to clean the screens (5.60 euros) or do it yourself. just as explained above.

When the cleaning fluid is ready, we can clean the monitor, regardless of the type of panel, matte or glossy finish ,

First, we turned it off from power. In the case of a laptop, we turn off the equipment. We wet a microfiber cloth with cleaning fluid. It is important that you do not apply the liquid directly to the screen ,

Gently rub in circles , panel and frame, so that the aisles are not marked. Alcohol and desiccant quickly evaporates water, so there is no more residue.

Keyboard cleaning

Between the keys and below them are dust, food, liquids and other particles that may cause this problem. does not work properly when you press certain keys ,

To clear the keyboard, the first thing to do is: unplug the cable — if it has one, it connects it to the computer. If this is a laptop, we will turn it off and unplug it. If it uses a PS / 2 port, we will have to disable the keyboard when the equipment is turned off.

Then we lay it face down and gently shake to try to remove the dirt. To remove leftovers between keys that did not exit after installation, use a compressed air dispenser. Another alternative is to use a vacuum cleaner, yes, there is Attention to the suction power and the condition of the keys ,

After we have removed the inlaid dirt, we will clean the surface of the fingertips from fingers and other substances. To do this, we moisten cotton cloth and ear cushions with cleaning fluid, gently rubbing the keys and dividing the keys between them. This is important. Do not pour cleaning fluid directly onto the keyboard.

When the keyboard is clean and dry, we reconnect it to the computer.

Mouse cleaning

There are two types of mice on the market, those of the optical and mechanical type . Each of them is essentially the same, although the mechanics require a bit more dedication to have moving parts.

In the case of optical mice, internal cleaning is not required, as they have no moving parts, although their displacement may deteriorate over time due to the accumulation of dust in the light emitter.

Mechanical mice are especially sensitive to dust and particles accumulating them inside and making it difficult to move.

To clean a mouse, the first thing to do is unplug it from the computer in case it has a cable. If it has a PS / 2 port, we will first turn off the computer. If it’s a wireless mouse, we’ll take out the batteries.

Then moisten a clean cloth with cleaning fluid or, if not, isopropyl alcohol, and clean the outside. As with the keyboard, we will have to be careful not to inject liquid inside ,

If our mouse is mechanical, remove the ball by first removing its stopper, turning it clockwise so that you can clean the inside of the ball and the ball with a single cloth or dry paper.

When it is completely dry, we will assemble the parts and connect them to the equipment. If it’s a PS / 2 mouse, we’ll do it with the computer turned off.

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