Best 4000 Watt Amplifier – Upgrade your car’s audio system

Best 4000 Watt Amplifier

If you are looking for a new amplifier for your car, you’ve come to the right place. This guide looks at the best 4000-watt amp models on the market today. We look at a range of amps, all within this output power range.

We tested the sound quality of all of these amps, so you can rest assured that they will make your speakers pump. We also included a short guide on how to choose these types of amps, and look at a few important considerations to make sure you get the right type for your needs.

Keep reading for our full review of the best 4000-watt amp packs on the market today!

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7 Best 4000 Watt amplifiers Tried and Tested

1. Planet Audio TR4000.


The TR40 is one of Planet Audio’s bestselling amps, and for good reason! It’s got a high power output for such a compact size and is made out of material that’s more efficient in heat production. The TR40 has a max power output of 4000 Watts at 1 Ohm and 2000 watts at 2 Ohms. Plus, it has a very low noise level so you can crank it up to 11!

The Planet Audio TR40 is also much more efficient than other amps, and the amp’s heat production is lessened, making it a great choice for those who need a powerful amp without sacrificing the comforts of their car.

Planet Audio’s TR40 car amp has the power and durability to play your favorite songs in a car with crystal clear sound, without breaking a sweat. Super portable, feature-rich, and reliable, this amp is a must-have for every audio enthusiast.

Planet Audio’s TR40 has a sleek, metallic design that’s attractive and rugged, 1 ohm stable for even more power, an aluminum heatsink for protection against accidental shorts, and a dual-stage protection circuit for safety.

It also features a variable subsonic filter that lets you tune your subs to your liking, as well as a patented Flare-Top venting system that reduces the amplifier’s temperature, prolonging its lifespan.

With up to 4K watts of power output and a frequency response of 5Hz-400Hz, you can drive any sub to amazing new levels of performance. It even includes a remote subwoofer control and protection mode.

Key Specs
  • Class – D
  • Max Output – 4000
  • Channels – 4
Pros and Cons
  • High-quality sound
  • Doesn’t get too hot
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with controls

With this new, innovative technology, you’ll be able to enjoy your music at any volume you want without worrying about distortion or overload. Broken speakers are a thing of the past! This amplifier is capable of matching the output of a 4-channel amplifier and then some, providing plenty of peak power to send your sub thrashin’.

2. Hifonics BG-4000.1D Brutus

With a 4,000-watt peak power, the Hifonics BG-4000 amp is capable of delivering some serious sound! It is a Super D Class amplifier with a 4-ohm subwoofer in/out and 2-ohm speaker in/out. You can mount it under your seat or in the trunk of your car to get the loudest bass for miles around. The bass remote kit works

In addition to powerful sound, this amp has a lot of control to make sure you get the sound you want. There are three channels that can provide either mono or stereo sound. You get to decide the crossover frequency and the frequency range for each channel.

This powerful 4-channel amplifier is equipped to handle just about any application you can throw at it, with high-current power and extensive features. Add Hifonics’ Total R.I.P.S. protection and you’re guaranteed a long, trouble-free life for your system every time. This thing is protected from any short circuit issues and has a very clean signal-to-noise ratio.

The connections include low-level RCA inputs with angled wire terminals for easy connection. We are really impressed with the overall frequency response of this amp, and with the built-in bass equalizer, you can tweak the sound to your liking.

Key Specs
  • Class – D technology
  • Max Output – 4000
  • Channels – 1
Pros and Cons
  • Come with bass remote
  • Well protected
  • Ultra fi Mosfet outputs
  • Includes a variable low pass filter

This is the baddest amp in the world. Hifonics engineers painstakingly developed this beauty from the ground up.

You’ll hear it immediately and never want to go back. The BG-4000 will knock you out with its 4,000 watts powering, high-quality sound and controls, and sleek chassis design


It’s capable of producing 4000W RMS power and can drive a 4-ohm load or 2-ohm load. This product is great for those who want superior sound but don’t want to spend a ton on an amplifier.

With a frequency response of 10Hz to 250Hz and a signal to noise ratio of 96d. The amp is equipped with Gain adjust, 200mV, 8V Total Harmonic Distortion, and has RCA input. This amp also includes a crossover frequency of 50Hz to 250Hz and a crossover slope of 24dB/Oct.

This is the easiest thing I’ve ever installed. I literally plugged up the wiring and turned on my car and it was done in under 2 minutes. I also managed to set the EQ settings properly within 5 minutes of turning it on. It also comes with a wired bass remote with a bass boost knob, so you can pump your speakers at any time. It provides as much power as you need, and competes with many other amps with high power ratings.

The preamp outputs of this mono amp are easy to connect, and it has enough max power for most of the loudest speakers. You can easily wire this up to your car’s electrical system to create a new massive audio rig!

Key Specs

  • Class – D
  • Max Output – 4000
  • Channels – Monoblock

Pros and Cons

  • High dynamic range
  • 4000 watts of pure power
  • Speaker short protection
  • It’s a mono amp – only one channel


At a time when cars have been made more fuel-efficient, BLAUPUNKT has developed an amplifier that is the first of its kind in the US market. It has a max power of 4000 watts, is ultra-efficient, and gives you a whole new experience of listening to your favorite tunes.The BLAUPUNKT AMP4000 is the perfect monoblock car amplifier for those on a tight budget.

4. BOSS Audio OX4KD

Power up your sound and boost the power. Upgrading your sound system is now easier than ever before. The OX4KD is a 4000-watt mono amplifier that can power up to 1 1-ohm or 2-ohm speakers with ease. It’s the perfect solution for those who need to replace their factory audio system and want to upgrade their sound.

With the BOSS OX4KD car amp, you’re not only getting a powerful amplifier solution for your car audio system, but also an extremely efficient and reliable device. The amp delivers high-quality sound and power to produce an immersive listening experience no matter what type of music you’re listening to. The protection mode keeps the amp safe, and this thing has a solid sound quality too.

This is a 1 OHM stable car amp, making it the perfect power solution for any subwoofer in need of some extra power to get that deep and loud bass sound. The innovative heat-sinking design will keep the amp running cool at all times, while the built-in thermal protection gives you peace of mind.

The BOSS audio OX4KD car amp has a 4,000-watt max output and 425 watts RMS. This is a great amp for cars that are looking to upgrade their audio system. It comes with a variable bass boost knob and remote subwoofer control. It even includes a subsonic filter for fine-tuning the rig.

Key Specs

  • Class – D
  • Max Output – 4000
  • Channels – 4

Pros and Cons

  • Good level of control
  • Well protected
  • Easy to install
  • Great sound quality
  • RCA outputs


The BOSS OX4KD is a car amp that takes the hassle out of powering your subwoofer while still giving you the ability to strap two amplifiers together. The OX4KD is a great amplifier for those who want to take full advantage of their space and double their power

5. Rockville dB14 4000w

The Rockville dB14 is a state of the art 2 channel car amplifier. The amplifier has a power rating of 400 watts RMS and 4000 watts peak power. It has a frequency response of 15-200Hz and comes with two input channels, two high-level inputs, one low-level input, and an RCA pre-amp output.

Plugin your favorite set of speakers and crank up the volume for an experience that’ll make your ears smile. Rockville dB14 4000W Peak/1000W RMS car amp is your ticket to a great sound system that’ll have you coming back for more. The power output supports a variable bass boost, and the RCA preamp outputs are super easy to get connected to.

You’ll get the same quality except for better and more features with Rockville. For example, just because they don’t have as much wattage doesn’t mean they’re no good. You still need enough power to get the job done. Especially if you’re running 2 subs!

This 4000-watt amp is compatible with low-level inputs and a range of RMS power ratings. We were impressed with the overall sound, and the frequency response is ideal for most situations.

Key Specs

  • Class – D
  • Max Output – 4000
  • Channels – 2

Pros and Cons

  • Good performance at high power ratings
  • Safe protection mode
  • High-quality RCA outputs
  • Massive audio quality
  • Only a mono amp


The Rockville dB14 is a high-quality car amplifier with fuse protection and a wide range frequency response. With dimensions of 9″ x 2.4″ x 15.5″, this amp is easy to install in any vehicle and will take up as little interior space. These car amps have enough peak power output to create a massive audio system and use class D technology for efficiency.

6.Gravity Audio WZ4000.1D Warzone

Whether you’re looking for a new car amp to replace your old one, or looking to upgrade your sound system, the Gravity Audio WZ4 car amp is perfect for you. With 4,000W Max Class D power and stable output at 1 ohm and 2 ohms, this amp will have more than enough power for any subwoofer, speaker system, or amp configuration that you use. With the bass knob included, you can tweak the balance as needed.

Power your speakers with the Gravity Audio WZ4 car amp and enjoy high-quality sound. The amp is well-built and delivers excellent performance. It’s been engineered to be an easy-to-use car amplifier that will work well with your speakers. Whether they’re coaxial, component, or full-range speakers, you’ll hear a difference with the WZ4 car amp!

The WZ4 is a 4-channel, full-range Class D car amplifier with a MOSFET power supply. It provides 75 Watts RMS x 4 at 8 Ohms, and can successfully drive a wide range of speaker types when matched with the appropriate speaker load. The WZ4 features both high- and low-level inputs, RCA inputs, variable low pass crossover, variable bass boost.

Key Specs

  • Class – D
  • Max Output – 4000
  • Channels – 4

Pros and Cons

  • Connect a range of speakers
  • Multi-channel
  • Includes subsonic filter
  • Speaker short protection
  • Variable bass boost.


The WZ4 is a true monoblock amplifier that is designed to deliver superior audio performance in a sleek, minimalist package. The WZ4 delivers 175W (RMS) at 4 ohms and is ideal for powering subwoofer systems in a two-channel stereo or multi-channel home theatre setup. This is the only amp with a variable low pass filter, and it passes the dyno test with ease.

7. BOSS Audio Systems AR4000D

Gone are the days of bulky and heavy amplifiers. Weighing just 4 lbs., this compact powerhouse is easy to place, reliable, and ready to play. It combines classiness with power and reliability in a sleek, futuristic package – making it the perfect amp for you.

The Boss AR4000D Car amplifier offers an outstanding 4,000 watts of power. Use this amp to power four subwoofers for a true competition sound. With the ability to strap two amplifiers together, you have the power of 8,000 watts!

Here are the highlights. This Boss amp has a variable low-pass crossover, which lets you specify your bass frequency reproduction. Along with that, it has a protection circuit, which will prevent distortion & power overloads. And last but not least, it’s got a 45 amp power output on the 4-channel model.

Key Specs

  • Class – D
  • Max Output – 4000-watt amp
  • Channels – Monoblock

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to install
  • High-quality 4000-watt amp
  • Variable low pass filter
  • Class D Technology


The Boss AR4000D is a powerful 4-channel amplifier with a variable subsonic filter that prevents your subs from bottoming out, filtered preamp outputs, and more. It’s a great choice for those looking for an amp that has it all, from power to flexibility.

Buying Guide: What to look for in the best 4000-watt amp?

The best 4000-watt amplifier is different for everybody, here are some important things to think about.


When choosing an amp, you will come across two key power ratings. 

The RMS power rating measures the average output signal over time.

The peak power value shows the maximum output of the amp.


Not all car audio systems are compatible with all types of amps. You need to make sure that you choose an amp that has the connection types you need to rig it up properly. Most car speakers are connected to amps with speaker wire to the output terminal. Most amps come with a wiring kit, although you may occasionally need to buy the wires separately.

Channel Count

You need to choose an amp that has enough channels for the number of speakers you want to use. Typically a four-channel amp is good, and gives separate controls for the front right and left, and back right and left.

If you want an extra subwoofer then you will need to choose an external amp with at least 5 outputs.


Some amps come with extra controls and features. For instance, you may want an adjustable bass boost if you want the option of cranking the low end of your car audio system. Some will come with a bass equalizer and subsonic filters, which help to fine-tune the frequency balance of your speaker outputs.


There are a few different types of amp classes. The classifications refer to the level of power efficiency and audio quality. Class A amps need more energy but have a cleaner, louder, and more detailed sound profile in comparison to class D amps.


What is a good wattage for an amplifier?

The wattage of an amplifier is a measure of its ability to amplify sound.

The wattage of an amplifier is measured in watts.

Higher wattage means that the amplifier will be able to produce louder sounds.

It really depends on the situation and how loud you want your speakers to go. More wattage is advantageous because it can create more volume, although the downside is it requires more energy and can get hotter. It’s a good idea to choose an amp that is the right volume for your speakers.

How many batteries do I need for a 4000-watt amp?

The answer to this question is dependent on the size and type of battery, so it is difficult to give a general answer.

How many RMS is a 4000-watt crunch amp?

The RMS is the root mean square of the voltage. It is a measure of power and voltage.The RMS of an amp can be different from model to model. The power output of a crunch amp is measured in watts.

The RMS of a 4000-watt amp can be anything, but will typically be in the range of 2000-3000 watts.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for reading! You should now have a good idea of where you can find the best 4000-watt amp for your car. Make sure you get one with all the features you need. I recommend choosing a model with a bass boost. Of course, check the peak power handling of your speakers before buying a new 4000-watt amp.

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