Approaches to Portraiture Photography

Photography – Approaching Portraiture

Faces are wonderful subjects for photography when they are clicked with good vision to create good portraits. Portraiture has a distinct dimension that practically leads the photographer to connect with the subject while he/she gets the techniques, focus and composition right. It is a photographic art where possibilities are given and experimentation is an advantage that’s gifted.

Portraiture can be taken as a hobby or as a specialised field of professional photography. The art can be perfected with photography training courses and/or learned from a good amount of experimentation. 


It is required that one has to have a passion for getting to people to capture good portraits. It takes a liking and effort to extract the emotional tones and expressions in different ways by taking pictures that are stills, candids or actions. 

Having the confidence to meet, ask and capture people in for pictures is basic in acing the art of portraiture. You bring this quality to the photography training institute as you learn the techniques and build the skills to shoot with a camera. In fact, subjects for portraiture go beyond people! The subject list can include even animals and birds! So if you want to start experimenting, your pet is as good a subject as is your friend. 


When it comes to color, the theme and purpose of the shot could dictate if monochrome or color is suiting the picture. Also, the proper and creative use of light in the portraits can create a lot of difference in the composition. 

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Even photography weekend courses can help you improve on another aspect of a smartly conceived portrait photograph perspective. Using an eye level perspective is common. But spicing the composition up giving it another creatively perceived dimension can give a unique result. So experimenting with shots from different angles wouldn’t be a disappointment after all!


A portrait can have the subject looking into the camera or looking away. This again is a choice to make and works along with other aspects like lighting and color tone. Portraits that captures subject unawares, indulged in their own feelings can be a good way to capture candid. It is a promising style in portraiture.

Portraiture as a category of photography is a niche discipline that is enriched with valuable experiments by photography enthusiasts. 

A good curriculum and up-to-date infrastructure combined with experienced faculty can help great talents build solid careers and get reputed for their unique style. It’s worthwhile to remember that some of the most revered graphic works in photography are portraits. If you have a zeal for the craft, it’s never too late to develop it into a remarkable skill.

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