The trailer of FFVII Remake summons us in the month of June, so we discover more information during the E3 2019. The release date will be revealed, probably during the conference Square or during the concert of Final Fantasy, which will take place in Los Angeles. on the same dates. As this long-awaited moment arrives, we looked at 7 details of the trailer that may have gone unnoticed and are very important.

Clouds cloud

Cloud is the protagonist of the game, whose image has evolved over the years. We saw Cloud in combat games (the case of Ergheiz for PSX or Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch) and in the saga of the saga, as Dissidia Final Fantasy. We also saw it with an adult and detailed look in the animated movie Advent Children, but how does the cloud appear in FFVII Remake? Well, the Former soldier is shown in the first sequences of Midgar and retains its most obvious features: blond hair on the tip, light eyes, dark uniform with loose pants and armor on the shoulder …

The same goes for his characteristic Buster sword. However, the character has evolved in relation to the appearance that he had in the first trailer of 2015. On the one hand, the hair is redrawn in a more realistic way (less similar to a manga design , and has been clarified). The expression of Strife is softened, with eyes a little larger than in the first drawing and a more natural expression. Even the color of the character is warmer in the latest version of the game, against the bluish tone that prevailed in the trailer. You can see the difference between these two images.

The material

In 2017, Yoshinori Kitase (director of the original and one of the Square-Enix producers) mentioned that the material system, which was a fundamental element in the progression of the characters, would come back in the next remake. We have already seen that the subject system would be visually integrated with the gameplay. If you look at Cloud’s sword, the Sword Buster feature, you can see the materials inserted into the two perforations of the leaf. Obviously, the trailer is not interested in how we combine the material, nor how it will affect our capabilities, but at least it’s an element visible.

Classic enemies

In the new trailer of Final Fantasy VII, presented on the occasion of the state of play of Sony, we were able to recognize some of the most emblematic enemies of the FFVII (with a new more threatening aspect). Among these enemies are the M.P. soldiers who appeared in Mako’s first reactor, nothing else to start the game. We also saw the first boss of the game, the Scorpion Guardian, and APS (which is one of the monsters whose evolution between the original game and the remake is more obvious).

Interactive scenarios

The combat effects have benefited from the technical jump offered by the remake of Final Fantasy 7. And do not refer only to the moments of exploration, but also to the combat sequences. These clashes, which took elements of Final Fantasy XV, shine by the amount of detail. For example, we saw that Barret’s shots (with their characteristic gatling pistols instead of the hand) move some obstacles, such as traffic cones. You can also check in the latest trailer of FFVII Remake that the effect of cloud and Aeris attacks produces sparks or a blue glow, as in the game PSX.


On the one hand, it makes sense that the Cloud antagonist appears in the trailers, since he has become one of the favorite characters of fans. It seems that Square-Enix directly attacked the most nostalgic players including his figure with Aeris in this teaser. However, we must keep in mind that almost all the images in the video correspond to the first measures of the game, in the Midgar reactor, and that in reality, in the PSX game, Cloud and Sefirot, the faces were seen only at an advanced stage. development

There are three explanations for Sefirot’s presence in these images. The simplest is that they were simply allowed to put a more advanced piece of the game, by the relevance of the character. Secondly, it may not be a real-time sequence, but the remake will appear as a hallucinatory or fleeting video sequence. But there is also a third option, much more controversial, and that is the fact that plot changes are allowed in development, and so Cloud and Sefirot if the faces are visible.

And that means … (already, exactly what you think).

Biggs, Wedge and Jessie

In addition to being two characters drawn from the Star Wars saga (Biggs Darklighter and Wedge West Indies are two of the best pilots of the Rebel Alliance, who accompany Luke Skywalker in the assault of the Death Star. ). Biggs and Wedge are two secondary characters. recurring in different slices of Final Fantasy. In FFVII, we also found Jessie, who was comical relief and could even afford to flirt with Cloud Strife in some sequences. For more tranquility (and joy) of the fans, these three secondary characters appear briefly in the last video.

Break limit

Although the Final Fantasy VII Remake combat system still contains some questions (probably based on what we saw in Final Fantasy XV and in Kingdom Hearts III), fans of the original have surely nodded. This is the presence of Limit Breaks, very similar to the PlayStation game of 1997. These special attacks can be executed once our limit is met (with the attacks of enemies) and give us a particular advantage.

In the trailer, we saw how Barret used his Bigshot break limit (with an animation very similar to the one we saw 12 years ago) and how Cloud Strife used the Braver and Cross Slash attacks. The limits appear in the quick access menu, by pressing L1, next to potions and other combat moves. It’s a menu similar to the one we saw in the last Kingdom Hearts. With the L2 and R2 buttons, you can change the character we control at any time (in the trailer, Cloud and Barret appear, but Aeris appears in the background of some fights and we also saw the name of Tifa)