7 Types of Stunning Necklines Every Woman Needs

Dresses for women come in various types of necklines. Every neckline gives a different appearance and has a different purpose. It plays a very crucial role in giving the attire its desired look. We have listed the top 7 necklines that every fashion illustrator must know before sketching his ideas. Let’s go ahead and check them out.

Cowl neck

cowl neck

This type of neckline features some round drapes. Cowl neck dresses suit almost all body types. For women with smaller bust, are best recommended. The cowl necklines feature thick loose hanging folds. Women with heavy bust can prefer cowl neck dresses which show some skin. However, they should always go for thinner folds, as the thicker ones add volume to the chest area. 

Boat neck


This neckline is wider which remains just past your collarbone. Boat necklines look elegant and graceful. They give you a neat look which makes you stand-out.

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Round neck

round neck

This type of neckline is classic and simple. It best suits the women who have a narrow face, long neck, sloped shoulders, and smaller chest. It can reduce the quantity of bare skin in between the chest and chin. 


turtle neck

Turtleneck or high neck remains a few inches below the chin and gives a very sophisticated look. This neckline can balance off a long neck or face well.

Halter neck

halter neck

Halter neckline is best recommended for women with wider shoulders. Women with an hourglass-like figure with toned shoulders and arms prefer this neckline the most. 


one shoulder

One-shoulder necklines are ideal for women with thin arms and narrow shoulders. These can provide a widening appearance around this region. However, women with broader shoulders should avoid dresses featuring this neckline.


off shoulder

This neckline highlights the collarbone and shoulders to withdraw attention off the voluminous middle portion. Dresses with this neckline suit all body types- from athletic and pear to hourglass and petite. 

As a fashion enthusiast, it is very important to know about the different necklines. This allows you to make the right choices while designing a dress for a specific body type. You can take the help of fashion illustration drawings before you start designing. This will guide you throughout the designing process and will help you learn about this even better.

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