5 Common Types of Fabric Patterns

It is fun to work with fabric patterns. Having expertise in designing patterns for fashion fabrics can help you in finding a glorious opportunity of establishing a successful creative career.

Textile designing is one of the most happening careers in the fashion industry. If you are planning to enroll for any textile designing courses, take up a course in textile design, it is important to know about the types of fabrics.



Brocade is a heavy pattern woven on a jacquard loom. It is mostly made of silk or satin and is incorporated with metallic threads. Brocade pattern is best used for traditional decorating styles.



Chevron pattern is trending in the textile industry for all the right reasons. This design of pattern is typically available in two alternating colors, one of them is usually white.



Like the brocade pattern, the damask pattern is also woven on a jacquard loom. It is mostly made of silk. The sheen in this pattern adds an expensive looking touch to a room. Damask is more of formal design and works best in both formal and traditional occasions.




Ditzy (also spelt ditsy) is a pattern in which small elements are scattered across the fabric. These small elements might be geometric shapes, flowers or small figures. This type of pattern looks quite colorful and goes well with any casual decorating style.



Floral patterns are quite popular and you can find such patterns in multiple forms ranging from tiny to large-scale – realistic to abstract, colorful to monochromatic and casual to formal. That brings the fact that floral patterns are suitable for every decorating style. So, you can mix and match the floral with any other pattern depending on the style of the floral pattern.

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Designing fabric patterns is not an easy task to perform. But with practice and using the right tools, you can master in textile design and can make fabric patterns within no time. More than the practice, enrolling in a textile design course helps in sharpening the skills and thus helping you in designing some amazing fabric patterns.

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