4 Quilting Styles Used in Textile Designing

Quilting is a process where two or more layers of fabric are sewn together by hand using a thread and a needle or by a sewing machine to make a thicker padded material. If you are planning to learn textile designing, then you must be aware that this is an important topic taught in Textile Design courses.

Read further to know about 4 quilting styles used in the textile design industry.

Hand Quilting

hand quilting

Hand quilting is a classic method that involves hand stitching the fabrics together to make the quilt top. There are many ways to make a hand quilt. Going by the traditional method, hand quilting is done with a hoop as it can keep the fabric taut while stitching with a thread and a needle. Recently, some quilters have started knitting without a hoop. However, the use of a hoop depends on what you are darning.

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The key here is to have a steady hand and patience. Compared to the other types of these methods, it is less expensive since there’s no need for a machine or extra equipment.

 Machine Quilting

machine quilting

Quilting with a sewing machine is another method. This way of knitting speeds up the process of making a piece of quilt efficiently. Each machine used to quilt is different based upon the brand and model. This method obviously saves lot of time and energy as well.

 Free-Motion Quilting

free motion quilting

Free-motion quilting is a process that can be done on any machine using a straight stitch. You will need a darning foot for this method of knitting. Consider using a strong thread for this method. Free-motion quilting involves moving the fabric freely with the machine needle.

Long arm Quilting

long arm quilting

Unlike the free-motion stitching method, which can be done on any machine, Long arm Quilting involves a special machine to quilt the fabric. In a Textile Design Course, learning about the different types of these methods is a separate topic of learning.

It is a large sewing machine that features an extended sewing head. It can reach up to 14 feet. Long-arm machines involve fabric rollers and a frame, and the head of the machine can be guided manually or by using a computer. With this machine, it is possible to sew all the layers of the quilt, starting from the quilt top, batting, and backing to the entire quilt. 


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