4 Best Camera Angles To Take Photos

Whether you are an expert or not, taking angles with a camera is very easy! Notwithstanding the lens you are using for the camera, you can always make more creative photos just by changing or shooting angle. 

This is why sometimes students doing photography courses take some amazing pics, thanks to the creative angle. In this blog, we are going to write about the four best camera angles to take photos.

Camera Angles

Each of the camera angles mentioned below have a different perspective that gives your photo the mood or feeling that a photographer wants to have in the photo. And experimenting with shots from different angles wouldn’t be a disappointment after all.

Bird’s Eye View

bird's eye view

Remember that any angle that is beyond your normal daily experience makes your photo more interesting to look at. Bird’s eye view is nothing but the highest camera angle. This angle is what when a photographer gets up above the scene and looks straight down.


face to face

Face-to-face angle is very engaging and it establishes a personal connection between the photographer and the subject. This angle is taken at eye level to the subject. 

Low Angle

low angle

Low angle shots are those which are taken below eye level. Meaning, as the photographer makes the subject appear larger with this angle. This angle adds a larger than life feeling to the photo by emphasizing it.

High Angle

high angle

High angle is slightly different from the bird’s eye view. In this angle, the photographer must be a bit higher than the subject he is photographing. High angle makes the subject look smaller or more vulnerable or even makes the viewer seem more dominant.

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Practice with these four camera angles and keep experimenting to spice up your photos. Take the photos in more than two angles and figure out which one is captured best. As you experiment with these angles, your creativity sharpens as you can see various perspectives breaking out everyday.

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