3 Must Know Bag Making Tips in 2021

Our clothes do say a lot about us – and there is no point of denial in this statement. In the same way, an accessory like a bag is an extension that describes our social, economic and even fashion status. Bags has become a part of our life as we carry them where ever we go and choosing a right bag is a real challenge.

Bag Making Tips

Bags are one of the highly visible fashion accessories and so does bag making. It is not surprising that a whole fashion industry revolves around bags primarily. You might have heard about how branded bags like Louis Vuitton are important for some people.

Through this blog, we are going to share 3 must know bag making tips that are important in designing a bag. 

Tip 1 Bag making Using Binding Clips

binding clips bag

Binding clips act as quilting supply in bag making. We need to handle multiple layers of fabric while sewing bags. It is not easy to get a pin through all those layers. 

If you are sewing with coated fabric like oilcloth, avoid pinning to the fabric as much as possible; use binding clips instead. They work better when it comes to holding thick layers of the fabric together.

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Tip 2 – Bag making using clip curves

binding clips bag making

Clipping curves is a must task for all the curves and corners of the bag. This helps in getting the bag a nice clean and finished look in the end. Not clipping the curves means the fabric will be filled with wrinkles once turned.

Tip 3 – Bag making using Top stitch for a professional finish

top stitch bag making

Topstitch is a must for a professional finish as it prompts the strength to the seams of the bag as well. This is the reason why topstitching should never be skipped. Get all parts of the bag like top edges, handles, pockets, topstitched. 

If you are interested to learn more such bag making tips, then join accessory designing schools and learn the craft of bag designing.

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