6 Types of Indo-Western outfits you must try


For western or Indian attires, people often get ideas very easily. However, the moment someone hears the word “Indo-western” all the creativity gets doomed. Starting from the accessories and jewellery to the outfit, everything turns into a complete mess. It can be quite tricky even for the pro. At times the entire process can burn … Read more

11 Vibrant Tie and Dye Techniques


8 out of 10 people love to tie and dye. However, sometimes the pattern or the dye wouldn’t turn out as expected. Even the seasoned tie-dyers might face an issue out of nowhere. A variety of dyes are used in this technique. All you need to know is the correct method to use these dyes … Read more

Sewing Machine Needles Types Used In Garment Creation

There are some basic things that you need before starting your sewing project, and the needle is an essential part of all the basic things. When we talk about typical sewing machine needles, we find that there’s a lot of confusion about which needle to use for which job. The types of needles vary according … Read more

4 Types of Marking and Tracing In Garment Making

Marking and Tracing are two important elements in Garment Making. To understand the importance of these, let’s get into details. So, while making garments, marking is considered to be one of the most significant processes. It primarily involves the transferring of the construction symbols to the apparel from the pattern before it has been cut. … Read more

Marbling Fabrics-Making Hand Marbled Fabrics Is Now Easier


Have you ever heard of marbled fabrics? Well if you like marbled paper, then it’s more likely that you will like marbled fabrics too. Marbling fabrics means creating the surface designs that resemble the unique, bright patterns found on stone. This is one of the unique things that help designers create unique patterns & designs.   … Read more

Saree Borders- 5 Art Varieties of Them

A saree is a cloth magically draped in 9 yards. India is a home to various types of sarees. Each region in India produces a different variation of sarees reflecting their cultures and styles. However, irrespective of the type of the saree, there is one constant element which is also crucial to the overall look … Read more

Recycle Garments- 4 Best Ways to Use Them

Recycle Garments is always  a great idea. What happens when a pair of jeans no longer fits you properly? The simple answer is they become waste and you want to throw it. But they often don’t fall into the category of ‘waste’. As for ‘waste’, most of us think of plastic bottles, food wrappers etc. … Read more

Ruching – 4 Best Ways to Ruche A Fabric


The word Ruche must be quite unfamiliar to a lot of readers now. Ruche is a French word that means pleating a cloth. So ruching primarily involves gathering as per the point of view of the sewists, or it can even refer to pleating or repeatedly folding of fabric to depict a sort of embellishment. … Read more

Polygonal Ear Rings- 5 Steps to Make Them

polygonal ear rings

In this modern era, you might have observed that most of the women today use the polygonal ear rings, which look stunning and gorgeous. Are you wondering for the reason why the demands of polygonal earrings are increasing day-by-day? Well, there are certainly several solid reasons behind its popularity and success. Are you interested in … Read more

Denim Jacket- 4 Different Ways of Styling It

The style statement made by denim jackets is so pronounced that it complements the “live free” attitude of the young as well as “memories are me” attitude of the matured. Jackets are not just part of Western wear but have their variants even in Indian fashion.  But in all, that extra layer of style statement … Read more