7 Types of Sarees Every Indian Women Prefer

A saree is equivalent to incredible grace and beauty for every woman. If you have to name one clothing item that can be draped around in multiple ways to increase beauty quotient and look ravishing, then that is Saree! The 6 yard-garment can not only make any woman look beautiful and glamorous but also is … Read more

How to Sew Ruching to ANYTHING?


In today’s world, ruching is one of the most innovative and creative techniques for gathering a fabric. Most of the people these days opt for ruching to create their own unique style. Online fashion designing courses in Hyderabad, not only teach you these techniques but also make you a pro at it.  You might be … Read more

Phulkari Dupatta Embroidery You’ll Love to Have

Dupatta is always considered an important accessory with the Indian attire. To adorn yourself uniquely, and for increasing your charm and grace, a single piece of phulkari dupatta is enough to give you worldly happiness. Today, ladies prefer the embroidery dupattas over saree, lehenga, and other outfits to add grace to it.  Wearing a colorful … Read more

11 Traditional Saree Draping Styles from India


Saree has been the most evolving Indian attire when it comes to ethnic wear. There is a reason why Sarees never go out of fashion. This simple garment can be worn in different styles, and it can redefine the look of a woman. Women in various parts of India drape their Saree differently. It gives … Read more