Basics of Pixel Graphics You Need to Know

Pixel graphics

The Virtues of a Pixel Graphic From the era of print, to the digital age, the methods of bringing images to life on different media has seen an evolution full of exciting technical advancements. These advancements in image reproduction and presentation has been the major reason for pixel graphic designing to become a source of … Read more

Unconventional Home Interior Designs

An Introduction to Unconventional Home Interior Designs Often, you make a difference to your life by taking home interior designs seriously and with a touch of uniqueness added to it. The ways of setting the rooms and the accessories in them decides how much functional area and creative space combine to make it splendid. Living … Read more

Why Weekends are Great to Learn Fashion


Fashion as a Passion Making fashionable garments is a great effort. This is quite interesting too provided one has the proper resources, guidance and time for learning and practicing the skills. For many, the passion for the craft involved in fashion designing is strong enough to push them forward. They could carry on with their … Read more

Indian footwear – The best foot forward


In the fashion culture of India, footwear has a special place. The indigenous footwear industry has survived decades of evolution in style statements and exposure to overseas fashion. No matter the landscape, urban or rural, the appeal of indigenous footwear varieties is still alive and kicking across India. No matter how urbane lifestyle has fused … Read more

Standard Guidance in Jewellery You Need to Know


Introduction to Jewellery Jewellery is trendy and culturally significant among Indians and hence has the greatest industry based on the commodity. Be it gold, silver or diamonds, Indians show great taste for the precious metals and stones and attach great value to them. It is amazing the way jewellery serves as an embellishment and investment … Read more

Interior Designing – Weekend Courses Advantage

interior designing

Interior Designing Interior design has relevance in every individual’s home and workplace. For every person who lives within walls, a new world has to unfold that fills him/her with vigor to step outside. Such is the importance of interior design as a practical discipline. It is the art of setting a space to deliver nothing … Read more

Basic Elements of Photography You Need to Know


Learning photography is an exercise that does need time and focus. It is the extension of one’s perception and vision of the world around him/her. To capture it with a skill acquired through disciplined practice is one thing every photography lover aspires to be. Photography is a hobby for many. For some it is a passionate … Read more

3 Beautiful Blouse Designs That Make Chic Saree Sets

blouse design

When it comes to attending social occasions like a wedding or a party, don’t you want to wear something that will let you stand out from the crowd? What can be a better way to show your elegance than draping a beautiful saree? Often, women overlook the importance of pairing a perfect blouse in the … Read more

Approaches to Portraiture Photography


Photography – Approaching Portraiture Faces are wonderful subjects for photography when they are clicked with good vision to create good portraits. Portraiture has a distinct dimension that practically leads the photographer to connect with the subject while he/she gets the techniques, focus and composition right. It is a photographic art where possibilities are given and … Read more

Right Color Tones of Photography You Need To Know


Photographs are highly valued for the emotional effect they have on the viewer. There are several methods of managing an image’s properties that can create a mood or feeling and one among them is color tone. One could work on properties like color, composition, perspective or color tone to make beautiful pictures.  Importance of Color … Read more