125 Passengers Of Chartered Flight From Italy Test Positive In Amritsar

In the recent news surrounding the sudden spike in the daily covid cases amid the Omicron scare, as many as 125 passengers of a chartered flight from Italy tested positive after landing in Amritsar this afternoon. 

There were a total of 179 passengers, including 19 children on the flight from Milan that arrived around 1.30 pm. the flight had a technical halt at Tbilisi (Georgia), according to the officials. Reportedly, the flight was operated by EuroAtlantic Airways, a Portuguese company.


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All the adult passengers in the flight were tested first on the arrival as Italy has been one of the high-risk countries for both Covid and Omicron, according to the Union Health Ministry. 

The passengers who tested positive for Covid are being sent to institutional quarantine. 

The country has seen a huge spike in covid cases in a day as the number rose to 90,000 cases. With this, it is official that the third wave has arrived and everyone needs to mask up. There have been lockdowns imposed in certain states like Delhi, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and restrictions are being implemented strictly to face the virus while handing the economy in the right way. 

According to the reports and experts, the third wave will peak in mid-February and will slow down in March. 

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