11 Vibrant Tie and Dye Techniques

8 out of 10 people love to tie and dye. However, sometimes the pattern or the dye wouldn’t turn out as expected. Even the seasoned tie-dyers might face an issue out of nowhere. A variety of dyes are used in this technique. All you need to know is the correct method to use these dyes so that it looks like machine printed fabric. Best fashion styling courses say that dyeing is an art form. You might take comparatively time to get acquainted with the techniques. Here is a precise description of the 11 techniques that are used in most of the fashion styling short courses for tie and dye:

Crumple Technique

Tie and Dye

In this technique, you need to lay the fabric flat and then crush the fabric together to a crumpled mold. After that secure the fabric tightly with rubber bands and apply dye to the fabric. Flip and do the same on another side. The results will be stunning.

Shibori tie and dye techniques


Use a paper towel to roll the fabric around a tube and tightly push both the ends of the fabric towards the center, securing with rubber bands. Apply the dye to fabric, rotate the tube and dye the fabric until completely saturated.

Sunburst technique

Sunburst Tie Dye Technique

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise. Repeat this again. To create the sunburst, pinch the fabric and pull it upward, securing the fabric with rubber bands. Repeat the process for the desired number of sunbursts and lastly apply the dye to the edge of the fabric.

 Stripes technique

tie and dye

 For this tie and dye technique to work properly all you need to do is fold the fabric from the bottom up and then secure with rubber bands, apply dye to the fabric. For this design, two colors can be used.

Spiral technique

spiral Tie Dye

Pinch the flat-laid fabric in the center and begin twisting the fabric in a circular motion until it is in a spiral shape. Then apply dye to the fabric, flip and repeat on the back side as well.

One color spiral

one color

This is just another form of spiral technique. The only difference is that only a single color is used here.

Bull’s eye technique


Pinch the flat fabric to the center and pull the fabric upwards into a cone shape. Then apply dye in sections, repeating on the back as well as front end.

Folded technique


For this, you need to fold the fabric twice and then apply one color on the outer folded edges, whereas a second color to the corners and the center.

Diamond pattern


Take a long strip and then fold the fabric into vertical stripes again making a 90-degree. Convert into triangles by applying dye over the edges.

Accordion fold

Accordion Fold

This technique is the same as stripe fold but here only one shade is used.

Box pattern

box pattern

This is similar to the accordion folds. The fabric is then made into squares. Then dye the fabric.

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You can learn more about the techniques of tie and dye through a fashion styling course. The best part is that you can learn these courses in your own time and pace.

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